Thursday, March 13, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 13, 2008

Mountain Moments

I had just come home from teaching an art class to three children. Ray noticed something in the corner of the room.
It was this butterfly. Newly hatched from a chrysalis on a houseplant. He held the butterfly gently in his hand lifting it off the floor.
I thought, take a picture. Grabbing the camera, we both took pictures of the black swallowtail newly hatched.While I went grocery shopping, he gently placed the butterfly into a bag taking it outside. The butterfly basked in the sunshine. Got out of the bag and flew away.

On a warm March afternoon
a butterfly broke away from a chrysalis
black wings on a wooden floor
still with wings unfurled
crawling without regard for human hands
posing for pictures
basking in the sunlight
warmth pulsating on black velvet wings
wind blowing
she flew
pirouetting on the breeze

My husband, the photographer, did his photoshop magic.

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