Monday, March 10, 2008

Carol H's Art Activity List for March

Carol created a list of activities for March in her blog which I thought might be a good idea to post here as well. I posted her February ideas previously.

Well, we have all been wishing and praying and doing many activities trying to hurry us out of winter and into Spring. So I thought another monthly calendar of daily art activities might help. Here are my ideas for March!

1. E.E. Cummings (whoever he is) said " the most wasted of all days is the one without laughter." I say it is the one with out doing something with art. We should "art" someway, something, everyday.

2. Look over your plans for the month. Do they always include art in some way for each day?

3. Select a graphic, and explain in writing, perhaps your art journal, what you think it illustrates, just to get you thinking about ideas to include in your artwork.

4. Look for important words, sentences, paragraphs, writings and readings, that deal with art. Words are very powerful when included in our art.

5. Keep engaged with art. We can't just switch in and out of art, if we want to live a happy artists life.

6. Stretch you limitsin your art work just a bit each day.

7. Do you have difficulties in regards to your art? Talk it over with a creative friend.

8. Always exhibit ways of showing how much you value art. Time, effort, display, writing, are just a few ways. Find your way.

9. Browse your art books and art books at a library or book store or used book store to help build your artist life.

10. Practice good time management. Break large tasks into smaller chunks. Use small time allotments to rejuvenate. Art at every opportunity.

11. Always practice safe art when arting.

12. Find something really cool from a previous piece of art, incorporate it into a new piece of art.

13. It is okay to "clown" around with your art. Sometimes these turn into something very special.

14. Make/ use multiples in your art today. Repeating themes and pictures are very powerful when used in art.

15. Try something creative you've never done...use a new media, method, etc. just for fun.

16. Develop your 'art vocabulary". It makes it easier to discuss and make art.

17. Do a green piece of art in honor of St. Patricks day.

18. Do some cartoon art that teaches an idea. Why not?

19. Invite another artist to "tea" or lunch.

20. Recall and list the most awe inspiring pieces of art you have made, and tell why they impress you.

21. Call an artsy friend just to say "hello, what are you arting?"

22. Remember to stay fit. We make better art when we are fit and feeling great. It is not impossible, but very hard to be creative when we are not at our best physically and mentally.

23. Go on a hike. Anywhere will do. Enjoy the spring like weather...whatever it is.

24. Do some body stretches before you start to art. The five minutes will help you art better.

25. Make some pre-art brainstorming in your art journal. and make a list of projects you want to do soon.

26. Laugh at your self and your art. Life and art can be fun!

27. Keep a bottle of drinking water on your art table. You will find that a swig now and then is good for you, (And besides, you might need to thin some paint or glue with a drop or two.)

28. Complete this thought: "This month has been good for my art because.,......"

29. Try to clear your life of problems. Less problems-more time for art.

30. Art belongs to those who see possibilities......everywhere!

31. Look for possibilities............

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