Sunday, March 30, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 30, 2008

Mountain Moments

Walking through
wet green grass
old fashioned purple violets
white and purple violets
are popping up all over the yard
violet seeds scatter with a soft wind
dandelions pepper the yard
furry yellow heads glowing
in the new spring green grass
dogwoods are holding onto blossoms
tulip poplars are beginning to
let loose of their flowers

I am stiff from following
the busy footsteps of a five year old
gone home
as my feet glide across the foot pedals
this second Sunday of Easter
I will leave the church to rest
in a quiet house
with the sounds of goldfinches
smells of daffodils in old green vases

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Playing with Photoshop

Here's a collage sheet for you. Click to open, save to your computer, and print. Have fun and don't forget to post what you do with it!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moment for March 28, 2008

Mountain Moments

Laying down in the soft green
spring grass of the back yard
side by side
blue sky
white clouds
we played
with my little eye I spy
we talked about the birds
plants growing in the yard
clouds became creatures
we became quiet
just looking at the sky
for a five year old
quiet is a major event
for me
it was taking time to breath

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gioia's Spring Break!!! Just beautiful!

Hi I went on spring break to the Outer Banks, NC, with the girls and Forrest, made fairy houses on the beach, and took this shot at dawn this morning. Fairy circle of sticks and shells in foreground.

Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR-BC

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments from March 22, 2008

Mountain Moments

Take thirteen children
four adults
dozens of hardboiled eggs
Saturday before Easter
combine with dyes and creativity
There were polka dotted,
sponge tie dye, beet, onion, cabbage, grape juice, tumeric dyed
oil based glittered eyes, food coloring
little circular colors put into plastic cups with one tablesoon vinegar and one half cup warm water
puff paints, fern and tansy leaf prints
white crayons, rubber bands,
water based markers which bleed in dye
dipping the egg in several colors
tomorrow there will be three dozen deviled eggs
made from eggs not dyed
at the annual Easter coffee hour
more like an adult Easter Basket food feast
The children over ten hide plastic eggs
Children under ten find eggs
My fingers wear dye rather well this time of year

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Another art journaling adventure from Suziblutube

Friday, March 21, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 21, 2008

Mountain Moments

Golden bodies gleaming
in the afternoon sunlight
dipping into the copper bird bath
bobbing up and down
into the circular bath
flying to a nearby redbud branch
beginning to leaf out
wild ginger spreading
jays and sparrows leaving
enough bird seed on the ground
to feed a flock of morning doves
I counted nine of them in the oak tree
reminded me of a rubber stamp
I bought at Random Arts
the outline of a tree
speckled with birds
With each day
the goldfinches are growing
must be due to the heavy feeding
from the three thistle seed feeders
Spring a glorious awakening of all things
grackles on the roof
starlings coming to call
slugs and snails hiding under decaying leaves
columbine unfolding
sticky sweet smells of blue, white, and pink
hyacinths fill the air
Come to the mountains, dear friends.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Patti Edmon committed a wild act of bravery! Hooray! Wish her luck. Oh, and I'd love to post more wild acts of artistic bravery here so please send!

I took my button flowers, angels, magnets, journals, and other pcs. to an eclectic coffee house and boutique, with a huge vintage store Terri recently opened. She wants 6 vases of flowers and a half-dozen magnets, journals and an Altoid tin or two to start...

It isn't going to bring in a lot of money but it sure does validate the (passion) time and money I invest! 14 Secrets is such a golden, supportive, resourceful and life-enhancing world for me.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 13, 2008

Mountain Moments

I had just come home from teaching an art class to three children. Ray noticed something in the corner of the room.
It was this butterfly. Newly hatched from a chrysalis on a houseplant. He held the butterfly gently in his hand lifting it off the floor.
I thought, take a picture. Grabbing the camera, we both took pictures of the black swallowtail newly hatched.While I went grocery shopping, he gently placed the butterfly into a bag taking it outside. The butterfly basked in the sunshine. Got out of the bag and flew away.

On a warm March afternoon
a butterfly broke away from a chrysalis
black wings on a wooden floor
still with wings unfurled
crawling without regard for human hands
posing for pictures
basking in the sunlight
warmth pulsating on black velvet wings
wind blowing
she flew
pirouetting on the breeze

My husband, the photographer, did his photoshop magic.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Carol H's Art Activity List for March

Carol created a list of activities for March in her blog which I thought might be a good idea to post here as well. I posted her February ideas previously.

Well, we have all been wishing and praying and doing many activities trying to hurry us out of winter and into Spring. So I thought another monthly calendar of daily art activities might help. Here are my ideas for March!

1. E.E. Cummings (whoever he is) said " the most wasted of all days is the one without laughter." I say it is the one with out doing something with art. We should "art" someway, something, everyday.

2. Look over your plans for the month. Do they always include art in some way for each day?

3. Select a graphic, and explain in writing, perhaps your art journal, what you think it illustrates, just to get you thinking about ideas to include in your artwork.

4. Look for important words, sentences, paragraphs, writings and readings, that deal with art. Words are very powerful when included in our art.

5. Keep engaged with art. We can't just switch in and out of art, if we want to live a happy artists life.

6. Stretch you limitsin your art work just a bit each day.

7. Do you have difficulties in regards to your art? Talk it over with a creative friend.

8. Always exhibit ways of showing how much you value art. Time, effort, display, writing, are just a few ways. Find your way.

9. Browse your art books and art books at a library or book store or used book store to help build your artist life.

10. Practice good time management. Break large tasks into smaller chunks. Use small time allotments to rejuvenate. Art at every opportunity.

11. Always practice safe art when arting.

12. Find something really cool from a previous piece of art, incorporate it into a new piece of art.

13. It is okay to "clown" around with your art. Sometimes these turn into something very special.

14. Make/ use multiples in your art today. Repeating themes and pictures are very powerful when used in art.

15. Try something creative you've never done...use a new media, method, etc. just for fun.

16. Develop your 'art vocabulary". It makes it easier to discuss and make art.

17. Do a green piece of art in honor of St. Patricks day.

18. Do some cartoon art that teaches an idea. Why not?

19. Invite another artist to "tea" or lunch.

20. Recall and list the most awe inspiring pieces of art you have made, and tell why they impress you.

21. Call an artsy friend just to say "hello, what are you arting?"

22. Remember to stay fit. We make better art when we are fit and feeling great. It is not impossible, but very hard to be creative when we are not at our best physically and mentally.

23. Go on a hike. Anywhere will do. Enjoy the spring like weather...whatever it is.

24. Do some body stretches before you start to art. The five minutes will help you art better.

25. Make some pre-art brainstorming in your art journal. and make a list of projects you want to do soon.

26. Laugh at your self and your art. Life and art can be fun!

27. Keep a bottle of drinking water on your art table. You will find that a swig now and then is good for you, (And besides, you might need to thin some paint or glue with a drop or two.)

28. Complete this thought: "This month has been good for my art because.,......"

29. Try to clear your life of problems. Less problems-more time for art.

30. Art belongs to those who see possibilities......everywhere!

31. Look for possibilities............

14 Secrets Healing Tower of Mail Art & Mitzvah

# 59 When I came down stairs this morning I found a sacred pile of healing dolls, all in their boxes I noticed that an address had been switched on 2 so I guess the dolls knew where they needed to go after all. I had listened close I thought but at the last moment 2 felt they had to switch.

#61 With their loyal playmate and protector they headed out the door for their journey home.
Please let us know when they land. Oh and I have tracking numbers if you need them.
We will be posting the photos the photographer took once they are all home.
Thank you again for a most inspiring swap.
With Healing Intentions, Lore

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 9, 2008

Mountain Moments

Spring forward
Fall backward
Celtic harp music playing
as I move the clocks forward
A sparrow flys over the red roof
Frozen earth covered lightly with snow
Snowflakes gathered on the roof
Soft blue sky with random cloud puff
Crisp cold winter day

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Golden wisdom thread...

A question and a request:
What do you do when you find it hard to be happy?
Can someone say something nice, happy, wise, &/or good?
The answer:
Yes we can!

From Gioia:
At Yiye Temple

I play with stones and sit beside the stream,
I search for flowers and walk around the temple.
Sometimes I listen to the songs of birds;
The sounds of spring are everywhere.

Bia Juyi

From Lani:
You are awesome!
Look at all you do, have done and are about to do!
And check out the SuziBlueTube video!
"Let other's have Joy"

From Christine:
Here's something nice: I LOVE the ginger cake that you sent me in the
tea box! Yummy! Thanks a lot!

From Maria:
You are an inspiration to us all, and especially me! You started me out on altered books... I love your sense of humor and whimsy; you are a great inspiration to be around. Thanks for being you girl...

From Barbara:
You are such a warm and kind person. One of the very first to
greet me on 14 Secrets and to encourage me forward. I took the
liberty of choosing a card from the Abraham deck for you: "Your true
work--in this perfectly balanced Universe--is to weigh, continually,
your new stimulation of thought against the existing beliefs within
you, thereby deciding what you NOW want." "I make MANY decisions.
(And then I make them right.)" The angel deck card is "flexibility".
Hope this helps.

From Ana
... choose to be happy...

From Cyn
You are the best, a ray of sunshine in a dreary day! Be of good cheer...

From Lore:
All I can say is may happiness and joy touch each and every one of us today and each day to come!

From Jodie
You are a wonderful person, and a great artist!~!

From Brenda
Don't let the little people get you down!! You know you are an awesome artist and have an incredible heart! ...--art it out sister--it will feel good!

From Mary:
Just remember what you really came here for. That is the most
important lesson for us all. I think we get lost in the little things
and those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that are always
connected to the ego.
Take a step back my dear and do something kind for yourself, remember
to breathe, and look at that tiny bright light of love and
inspiriation that gives you strength and courage to create your life
and enhance the lives of others every single day.
You are magnificent:
and it is your life-force that people want and are scared of at the
same time.

From Nell
I recently received an absolutely flaming hot e-mail from a swap partner (not 14 Secrets, of course) who was angry about the art item she received from me. While the e-mail was quite inappropriate considering the "friendship" theme of the project and the etiquette estalished for the group, I still sent her an apology
saying I was sorry my project did not meet her expectations. One of my
I-turned-50 life lessons is that apologies don't cost anything and I
should be more generous in extending them. I have not heard back from
her, which includes no angry follow-up e-mails. My apology to her
resolved my uncomfortable feelings about her e-mail, and may have done
something to defuse her anger, as well.

From Maria
Great Advice! I love the humbling side of your response and find that taking the "one-down" position is empowering without threatening the other person. Bravo!

From Carol
I have been reading the posts about providing support when a person... needed support. Now, that is happiness.

Our little town has experienced a dreadful storm coming through the
mountains and ripping trees that are over a hundred years old up from
the roots and destroying homes. Through the aftermath, there has been
an outpouring of neighbors helping neighbors. Neighboring communities
sending rescue squads and red cross groups. I heard pictures were
even on the weather channel.
Happiness is to know that whether it is a group like 14 secrets or a
small town, folks are there to help.

We are after all a small community gathered together to create art.

For all you quiet folks dealing with whatever life throws your way,
create, sign up for Brenda's healing crown swap.
Think about hosting your own swap.. well, read the guidelines first...

From Lani
This is beautiful Carol and so on target. Prospect has had two hurricanes since I've lived here and the helping hands the day after are really the best. You feel good either helping or being helped in fact it seems to be one and the same really. Funny... but true.

From Gena
True. It goes to show you that "giving is receiving" and all quite magical, all things considered.

From Patti
I hope you are recovering - the photo I saw of you... left an impression of a person who is truly full of joy. So, please have a wonderful, new, creative day and know someone else has been there:)

From Lore
For SARK'S latest newsletter on how to hug and love yourself better click here!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 5, 2008

Mountain Moments

Traveling behind three cars in the rain
A grey heron flew over
Long legs dangling from outspread wings
Flying out of town
Talking to a friend on the cordless phone
The rain started coming down in sheets
The wind started thrashing
Limbs were being whirled around
Bouncing on the roof
The phone went dead
The electricity went out
Rain continued pelting the earth
When it stopped, we went outside
Limbs lay everywhere
The magnolia tree was split in half
A neighbors shutter was in our yard
A few minutes later
Sirens were heard
Black smoke billowed in the air
Looking down the street a large old tree lay across the road
The neighbors gathered in the street
A storm cell came to Big Stone Gap last night
destroying homes
uprooting large trees
The rescue squad came to our house
wanting to know if we were alright
Asking our names
The high school became a shelter
Red Cross and rescue squads came from neighboring communities
Streets are still blocked off
The sky turned yellow orange after the storm

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 3, 2008

Mountain Moments

Poised on the corner
Turquoise beak lit by sunlight
Morning dove deliberates
Head moves slowly
Eyes glancing in all directions
Silver gray wings spread
as the sunglow spreads
across the red shingled roof

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A response to the 14th Secret slide show

Here's Carol H's response to the 14th Secret slide show, a month full of art/happiness ideas (and she's hinting about doing one for March):

Lani: I would love to get involved in a one of these projects. I was not
a member when this one started I think. But I did do a list of things to do each day for increasing art activities in Feb on my blog. Here it is:

Happy Artists Life?

On 14 Secrets, one of the sites I visit regularly to refuel my artist side, someone mentioned making a list of things that would make life happier. For some reason, a calendar was what my artist side wanted to do. So, for the month of February, here is a daily list of some activities to try.

1. Realize there is no failure in art. Many times, we have happy little accidents, but even if we feel the piece of art is unworthy, we learn something from it. So no failure.
2. Work with what you have to make art. Expensive art supplies are not necessary to be creative.
3. Good enough really is good enough.
4. Set aside and protect time to organize thoughts, feelings, media, your art space/
5. Post your artwork on the net. Let others view an extension of yourself.
6. Ask for what you need. Others cannot be bothered with guessing games.
7. Document your art. It can be revealing and helpful.
8. Focus on making the time you need to make art.
9. Invite other creative beings into your life at whatever level you feel comfortable with.
10. Say no when it makes it easier for you to make art.
11. Look for a spot in your environment to hide in that makes it easier for you to make art.
12. Keep an idea/love this journal of some kind so you can get creative sparks at will by reading in your idea/ love this journal.
13. Go over a mental checklist of what is needed in preparing for a project so you do not have to interrupt the creative flow in the middle of the “art zone.”
14. Develop your own style. Others techniques and ideas are great…but you got to do what you got to do.
15. Take five minutes when you can to get started on a future project. Gather supplies, look up scratch, do research, so that when you do book the time… you can spend doing art.
16. Do something with a creative friend who appreciates you and your art.
17. Learn something new about art. This can enrich your own art.
18. Throw away the have to rules and play with art in a spontaneous manner.
19. Know what your mistakes are and try to understand what you will do differently next time you are making art.
20. Observe others art and techniques.
21. Let other members of your family do some tasks, if they can, so you can make art.
22. Share your art with everyone.
23. Having a plan and theme is not always necessarily to make art. Intuitive art sometimes turns out to be the best.
24. Visit an art museum.
25. Use stress reduction techniques as often as needed.
26. Be careful about copyrights and plagiarism-protected images.
27. Back up and start over, whenever you need to.
28. Focus on positive; what went right, in your art.
29. Enjoy an extra day to make art this month.
My musings for this day!

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 1, 2008

Mountain Moments

Sounds of a truck scraping the streets
Cold toes of five year old
snuggled against me
crawling into bed
talking about all the ways
her ten fingers can make three
snow turned to slush to
frozen snow lays on the ground
white sliver of a moon
lays against the soft blue sky
sun creeping up behind the mountians
glow of the morning shine
spreads to the moon
pink edges beginning to appear
two blue jays drinking water
in the red gutters
one stopping to turn its head
dipping its beak to drink
they both fly away
smells of cinnamon rolls fill the house

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!