Thursday, February 28, 2008

Make sure to check out my Altered Book which came home!

It's here and there's been a secret page added by Adela! If you can guess what makes Adela Happy I will send you a digital collage sheet as a gift.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video clips on UTEE

A question came up about using UTEE so here are some resources:

And this blog has some good ideas.

And here's another way of using UTEE. There sure seem to be lots of possibilities with UTEE!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for February 24, 2008

Mountain Moments

The earth exploded
leaving behind
hundreds of pale lavender crocus
a sea of flowers
blooming among yellow green brown grass
life blossoming

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Altoid tin swap Q & A

Marilyn's Altered Tin

Gioia hosted this great Altered Altoid tin swap, a gorgeous vintage funky shrine altered Altoid tin with a Valentine's theme! She asked us great questions and I'll put the answers here. You will have to guess who wrote what. I'm not telling!

One thing I'm grateful for today is...
My one of three surviving companion dog-I just lost the other two in the last month from old age.
family/ friends
for my grandmother in law who made us dinner tonight
Warm weather
my health
my lovely little family
Just one thing? Oh, ok, this group!
Sewing wings on a fairy doll
my sight
I woke up!
a steady hand
the ability to think of a hundred things I'm grateful for

One thing I like to use when altering stuff is...
Wow...I love it all.. I use whatever it takes to get the look I want. I guess a good glaze medium.
the new alcohol inks I got for my birthday
found objects (literally picked up off the ground)
whatever grabs me in the moment
Bees wax and gold... that's two things. Sorry
Alchol inks and found objects
distress inks

One thing I love, love, love is...
Art art and more art, food, art supplies, reading.
creating stories
reading children's books to children
having time to myself to putter
Finding new ways to make art and use materials... makes me all tingly.
Kicking horse coffee Chocolate Bars (google it - mmmm)
the ocean
cozied in bed with a good book
My granddaughter!
plaid, plaid, plaid
tiny surprises

One "altered art" steriotype I will not use in my shrine is...
The dark, grungy, dirty, look.
pointed hats
I'm going to hold back on the wings
can't say- stuff just comes out the way it comes out for me
not really sure
scrabble tiles
Frida Kahlo
cutsie things
Grunge or Gothic
the words "create" and "believe"

One time I will host a swap is...
After I retire and have more time.
handmade paper
when I get inspired and energized with an idea
one of these days when I have a good idea
I have no idea, but hopefully soon
The next AB RR. What do you think Gioia?
I am hosting one Healing dolls!
when ever it strikes
maybe summer when there is no cub scout leader training and no girl scout troop meetings
late winter/early spring

One secret no one knows about me is...
I have tatoos...from 1960's. No, I will not show them!
now sometimes I dream about running away to Miami Beach
I'm so shy, I start to perspire when I'm about to interact with anyone I haven't known for years
that I used to be a middle eastern dancer
Now if I tell you I won't have a secret anymore will I? :)
I first became interested in puppets as a kid in Taiwan where puppets danced in the street to exorcise evil spirits and cholera.
I never put blond hair on dolls because as a child with black hair I never had a doll with black hair cuz they did not make them!
I am MAD for red shoes
Then it wouldn't be a secret!
there is actually one person (only one) to whom I would cause harm if I had the opportunity
I've never taken an art class

One thing I wanted to say about this group is...
You are all so awesomely supportive.
creative supportive souls
thanks for being "here"
Thanks for keeping me wonderfully connected and opening my eyes to the variety of ways to stay creative!
I am glad to have the creative connection
Love this group, you guys are amazing
Thank you, we are a delight!
WE are all blessed by each others creative spirits, thank you all!
How present we are for each other, in the most creative of ways. It is wonder-full!
A talented, PATIENT, group of artists!
uplifting and inspiring (two things)
the vibes, fun, sharing make me believe that my finding this group was no accident!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for February 18, 2008

Mountain Moments

I lifted back my shoulders
to look at the night sky
streams of gossamer clouds
silver white with golden tinges
flying by the startling white moon
clear black sky
shimmering stars
I found I was holding my breath
in awe of the beauty of life

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Of bra's and books...

JoAnnA's purse with her kind permission.
So over on 14 Secrets we are cooking up some creative ideas. Many of us are either cancer survivors ourselves and/or have friends who are. All of us know people that are now no longer with us because of cancer. So we are thinking of books and bras. Some would like to do an altered book round robin by invitation only where the theme would be related to our various experiences with cancer. The bra challenge is being discussed and here are some wonderful links and ideas.

The image and first link is from JoAnnA Pierotti. I first met JoAnnA through Paper Whimsy (a favorite of both of us!)

Anyway, she's a wonderful writer and artist and I'll let her speak for herself. Here's her blog entry about the altered bra purse:

And her cancer support group in Amador County, California:

And you can find her cancer story here:

"My heart goes out to all women who have experience breast cancer. It is not a fun ordeal and it does change you, and for me, I believe was for the better. I cherish life and I cherish those around me every day. I enjoy the simple things in life like I never did before. I am living until I die, whenever that might be. I hope not for a long time...too much to much art to create!


Love to all...JoAnnA"

Here's JoAnnA's favorite instructions link:

Thanks so much JoAnnA!!!

Here are some more links of altered bras for charity:

Deb Gilchrist's Grandma's links for bra purses:
Here are some links to instructions for making bra purses. It appears they can be assembled either by hand-stitching or using hot glue. I think I'll opt for stitching, but I'm including the directions I found for both methods. The last link has photos (scroll down). What amazed me is that some actually look like evening bags and you'd never know they started out life as undergarments.

Have fun!

Buy ... the book "Crazy, Sexy Cancer" by Kris Carr. You wont regret it, and she will love it. There are resources in the book for alternative healing to work in conjunction with modern medicine or alone, as well as Kris's own story of survival. - Jodie (a trailer for the film version of Crazy, Sexy Cancer)

Jeannie K. reminded us about alternatives to the medical approaches to cancer, like caisse's tea (sometimes called Essaic). It's just four herbs that you can combine yourself, take a third cup a day.

The history and recipe are here:

Then another idea came in from Nell which is very exciting:
keys to the lock..... I am wondering what you do to unlock your creativity when you find yourself at a creative deadend?
Watch birds fly.....Stand before the big lake (or sea) and let the
power of the waves wash your mind clear.......

Maybe this would be a good tag swap? We could each share a Key to the
Lock on a tag (make as many copies as there are traders) and in the end
we each end up with a series of tags to make our own tag-books, based
on collected ideas and wisdoms. -Nell

Monday, February 11, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for February 11, 2008

Mountain Moments

Lone bird flying across the mountains
as the sky
changes from gray
to gray with sunlight filtering through
dense clouds
Early morning soft white light
awakening life to a new day

Friday, February 8, 2008

Peek at the Healing Dolls

Just a peek. Soon all shall be revealed!

14 Secrets Altered Tin Shrine Swap

Thank you Gioia for hosting this swap! I can't wait to see which one is winding its way to Nova Scotia! I know, I gotta wait!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for February 4, 2008

Mountain Moments

waiting for the muse
taking deep breaths
I notice a black gray branch
laying on the red shingled roof
bits of dry brown leaves
snippets of twigs
hanging in the gutter
it has lived on this roof
for months
not moving
through winds, rains, snow
holding onto the slanted roof
squirrels have pranced around it
birds perching on it
blown from the tulip poplar
finding a settling place

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Treasure in the desert.

Totally unrelated collage by Lani

Are you looking for treasure? While wandering the burning man web site, trying to imagine this coastal-loving, ocean-dependent maritimer wandering in the desert, I stumbled across some real treasure! Read more on my blogspot.