Thursday, January 3, 2008

Secret # Twelve

Basket make with map yarn and scrap cloth and charms from 14 Secrets.

Carol wrote:

From Lani's Secrets of Happiness
secret number twelve
Create beauty with what you have on hand.

For many years I was entranced by all the new stuff on the market.
Well, I still am, but now I have learned that I need most is what lies
between my ears. Rather than the latest glitter pens. Each morning,
I sit quietly and write a poem. Words seem to flow.
I am a paper maker, creating pulp to make paper. It is always amazing
for me to pull a sheet of paper and see art in the fibers.

What do you do to create beauty with what you have on hand?

Lani Wrote:

The 12th secret came out of listening to self taught artists in Mississippi. It was a real eye-opening and heart-opening experience to talk with artists who couldn't afford to use the kinds of materials I had been taught were essential, and couldn't afford the education which had taught me about using these materials. At the time, I was coming out of a slighly stuffy, rarified atmosphere of academia in New York City. I had grown to believe that artists were people loaded with credentials, shows in SoHo, and reviews in all the best magazines. Then I talked with L V Hull and other self taught artists (check I grew to understand that we really are all artists at heart. We really do love to embellish and enliven our environment with our own marks, that art-making is really good for us, and that we don't have to wait for the perfect materials to start our artistic life. We can start right now! We can create beauty with what we have on hand. Why not try it today?

Mrs. L V Hull with a tribute to B B King.

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