Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret # Eleven

Grandpuppets at Sagamore.

Carol wrote:

Secret Number Eleven
Play with your grandchildren as much as possible

Being the granny of a five year old coming tomorrow to spend a week,
I have the glitter crayons ready. We are making cookies and art with
friends and family on Monday at grannys art house.

My grandfather played with his grandchildren. He gave us fairy names,
told us fairy stories, and created costumes for us out of catalpa
leaves. I learned how to play checker, ball, and a variety of games
from him. My grandmother taught me to cook, sew, and encouraged me to
draw. She would give me an unlimited supply of paper and pencils.

For six years, I worked in an intergenerational program providing
supportive services for grandparents raising grandchildren. Art gave
them an opportunity to play. Because of the respect I have for these
grandparents and being a granny, I created grannys art house.
A place to play, create and have fun, something people forget to do.

Taking the time to play creates a loving relationship and what fun
you have. Of course, there is nothing quite like a grandchild. I
didn't realize that there was so much love inside of me until she was
born. And her grandaddy feels the same and love.

Carol from the mountains of Virginia

Lani wrote:

Although this secret is fairly self explanatory, it did come partly out of memories of my own grandparents and great grandparents. There's a very special twinkle in the eye of elders for their young grandchildren. Partly, though, it came from running puppetmaking workshops for an Elderhostel intergenerational camp. I watched many elders and grandkids have such fun and appreciation for each other. What a delight! There was really nothing that could compare with the mischief that puppets can get up to when you mix up the generations!

Mary wrote:

Thank you for this Secret. I spent 2 hours under the quilt covered card table two days ago with my two grandchildren and remembered my grandmother and honored her as we played games, told stories, ate and were there with each other. There is nothing that brings me to the present moment as much as being with those children.
All love and the happiest of seasons to you all.
Practicing Art-full possibilities

Image from Joyce's grandmother's book, MIA somewhere in Michigan. Collage by Lani

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