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Healing Art Dolls

Over at our 14 secrets group a few of us are falling victim to the ice and really hurting ourselves! So Lore got the idea for a healing doll swap! Excellent idea.

So here are some links and ideas to consider when you create your healing art doll:

Pamela Hastings does transformative art doll workshops and has a great book on the subject. I really liked this book and not just because I have a chapter in it.

Barb Kobe has a lot of information on her website for healing art dolls. Lots of inspiration.

To a question about color and healing bones Deb answered: leg and foot bones are related to the 1st or base chakra, red would be a good healing color.

Gena also sent in this information:
From doll artist and healer Ma- Liis Peacock: ( ideas for incorporating stones into the doll. Here is a list of the specific healing qualities of various stones as well as healing properties of colors. We could make it a sense doll and also use the healing properties of aromas as in aromatherapy or of plants as in phytotherapy. I will try to make a list for the latter two if anyone is interested. Here is what Ihave so far concerning stones and colors, thanks to Maii-Liis:

Abundance- Citrine

Addiction- Amethyst

Allergies- Carnelian

Anger- Carnelian, Howlite

Arthritis- Malachite, Copper

Blood pressure- Bloodstone

Calming- Amethyst

Confidence- Tiger eye, Jade

Courage- Aquamarine

Creativity- Azurite

Grief- Obsidian, Apache Tears

Harmony- Sodalite

Immune system- Malachite, Lapis Lazuli

Digestive system- Citrine, Sodalite

Loneliness- Jade, Pink Tourmaline

Love- Rose quartz

Luck- Malachite, Copper, Moonstone

Mental clarity- Quartz crystal, Labradorite

Heart- Copal, Chrysoprase

Money- Citrine, Malachite, gold

Protection- Smoky Quartz, Turquoise

Sleep- Jade, Lepidolite, Mica

Stress- Lepidolite

Eyes- Celestite, Labradorite, Mica

Purify Body/Mind/Spirit- Amber, Lapis Lazuli

Physical Energy- Carnelian, Turquoise

Balance Body,Mind/Spirit- Amethyst, Celestite

Healing properties of Color

Effects of color will not be of huge importance as applied to healing dolls, mostly because color usually has to be applied in large areas in order
to affect someone. Still, there are some generalities which you may wish to keep in mind.

BLACK is supposed to ward off "bad vibes", but I don't advise a black doll for a depressed person. For the bold, it makes a statement of mystery and strength.

RED is a joyful, purifying color. It is a dynamic color which promotes courage and passion. Add red when energy and self-esteem is needed.

ORANGE has many of the attributes of red, like warmth and vitality, but is less aggressive in nature. It is useful in blocking stagnation and promoting creativity. Good for stimulating circulation and blood flow in the body.

PINK is said to heal broken hearts and other emotional wounds. It is also a color for relaxation. The most beneficial pinks are the darker tones of bubble-gum and magenta.

YELLOW stimulates the mind and clears thoughts. Use for digestive problems and allergies, but avoid yellows with a green tone. Instead, use a bright, clear yellow.

PURPLE is considered a color of the divine. It stimulates the mind and the state of imagination and creativity. The use of violet can help one turn daydreams into reality by enhancing this flow. Good for rebalancing the energies in general.

BLUE brings calm and peace. It brings us inward and allows us a deeper understanding of our inner being. It allows us to channel the thoughts which best lead to actualization without being confused or side tracked by unimportant thoughts that would otherwise clutter the pathway.

GREEN promotes growth and general healing. Green is the color of growth and expansion of both mind and spirit. It creates a peaceful feeling and can be used to relieve tension and stress.

TURQUOISE is an ancient color that has been used for centuries and by all cultures throughout the world. Turquoise is used to express individuality and creativity. It reduces toxins in the body, and adds new life to old projects. It offers freedom from whatever has been holding one back.

Please don't be overly concerned about the use of color in your healing other than how it looks. Allow yourself the confidence, and you will KNOW what color is right.

Also remember the healing power of plants. You could stuff the doll with lavender or rose petals, lemon balm, etc. Nothing too overpowering or synthetic. You could also scent the doll with essential oil, again, nothing synthetic, the idea being not so much to make it smell good, but to give the doll the vibration and energy of a plant to bring about a healing effect. I will try to find a resource file for herbs if anyone is interested. I have tons of books but can't locate that "one" book right now, you know how that goes!

Dolls can be made of anything. This is a great swap for using intuition and tapping our inner healers! Also intent is very important when making the dolls... can write out a little prayer or find a "potion" or just a few words... getting ideas yet?

I thought you might enjoy the interview that Zura Ledbetter has on her Creative Clown blog site of doll artist, Cynjon Noah. There is a pretty cool-looking doll there to feast your eyes on. Also Zura'a blog is a great springboard for creativity. Enjoy! (scroll down)

Jan sent these links:
Barb Kobe's website.

Barb Kobe's Ten Doll Questions

And here are some steps for creating a healing doll:

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