Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for December 19, 2007

Mountain Moments

A little explanation about the poem for today...
I am one of the moderators of an art group on yahoo called 14 secrets for a happy life.
Life has not been so happy with art swaps lately. Then, one of the moderators sent
the most delightful and practical ways to look at life. Thank you, Adela for this inspiration.

Unique You
The only one of your kind
Take a mirror
Really look
At this wonderful creation
Joy of life
right in front of your
creative eyes
ready to receive the blessings
of the day
ready to give to others
A day like no other
taking the time
To focus upon the moment
Being still
If the critic comes to call
stay a while with her
focus on the problem
then gently let it go
if it is one of those
persistent kind of things
create a collage card
Get a pile of magazines
cut out pictures
glue stick them
to card stock
breathe deeply
Glitter is optional

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