Thursday, November 15, 2007

Secret # Seven

Secret # Seven
Find something to love about where you are every day.

Carol said:

This secret really reflects my love for the mountains.
The moments spent looking out and being in the mountains.
I have felt that I am living in a National Geographic Special each and
every day.

What are somethings that you love about where you are?

Lani said:
I created this secret because I remember wasting a lot of time in life not feeling comfortable where I was. I thought about jobs I've had where I got myself into a real misery cycle and I started thinking "what would have happened if I had looked for things to love right where I was?"! I'll bet it would have broken that cycle very quickly, faster than finding a new job! (new house, new town, new state, new country, new husband, etc.)

Patti said:
Here is my view from the third floor renovated attic studio, where I contemplate all creative dreams. I don't have to work hard to find something to love about where I am....

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