Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Secret # Eight

Carol's email:

Make ART every day.

What a difference this makes in your life.
Art is a very powerful force. It is the fire that
burns within your soul. Let the flames ignite and

What are some ways you create each day?

Lani answered:

How I came to create this secret is pretty simple. As an art therapist in NYC, I was way too busy to make art every day. AND I thought art had to be perfect or something. I know, I know, there I was telling everyone else, just try, you'll love the process and you may even start to love the product and you'll even start to love the art creator a little better, but I wasn't listening to my own rap. So after uprooting myself from that life and finding more time for ART, thank goodness, I said to myself, hey, all that stuff I was saying in NYC was really true. Make art every day!

Now, as per Julia Cameron, I journal every morning, a few words and a little art. So if I'm not doing a swap or something fun, at least I've done my art journaling in the morning.

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Kris Cahill said...

Hello Lani,
How delightful to find your blog! It's beautiful and interesting.

I read "The Artist's Way" years ago, and found the morning pages to be one of the most helpful things I ever did for myself. I did them for years, until I had written myself into making art again. I pick them up from time to time, but now I also keep a daily journal, and blog.

Thank you also for Danny Gregory's drawing list. I love it, and will begin to follow it.