Friday, November 2, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments November 2, 2007

Mountain Moments

Waking up to a small voice
saying granny
smells of cinnamon
flowing up the stairs
a discussion about
birthdays happening
once a year

a moth found its way
into the house bouncing
from the ceiling
to the light
settling into
a dark room
only to be lured
out by the light

leaving in a few hours
to travel
into the mountains
of western North Carolina
where I counted
ten mountain ranges
on a clear day

A NOTE to Mountain Moments readers:
We will be in Asheville for a few days for a family wedding.
There may or may not be mountain moments for the next few days.
It depends upon internet access and family activities.
Wishing you all a wonderful fall weekend.
And if you haven't been to the website lately, Jettie has made
just a few changes for November.

May your day
dawn like the morning in the mountains
filled with the glory of light,

Happy Birthday to my sister

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