Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 23, 2007

Mountain Moments

Yellow leaves falling
as the slight quiver
of breeze catches
them hanging on
the tulip poplar tree
Blue jay majestically
perched on the red roof
Gray sky hanging over
the multicolored mountains

Maple trees put on quite
a show with their hot reds
reds, yellow reds
The kind of color,
that six year old
Millie would say,
made you look,
made you look.
and then, grin.

Photo courtesy of Ray Moore.

Leaf Rubbings
Been making leaf rubbings with children at Grannys Art House and Kindergarten children at ArtSpace.
Thought I'd share the technique.
Romp in the leaves. (optional, but fun)
Find some leaves.
Place a sheet of white paper over the leaf on a flat surface.
Color over the leaf using crayons.
Or place muslin over the leaf.
Color with a crayon or layer with crayons.
Cover the muslin with wax paper.
Cover the wax paper and muslin.
Iron on high setting
Peel off wax paper, the color is set into the fabric.

Here's an idea for supporting Carol's "Grannys Art House":

Carol received a telephone call from the local museum. They have an annual Christmas tree exhibit. There was a cancellation of a person who was putting up a tree and they asked if Carol wanted to do one for Granny's Art House. They are going to loan her the six foot tall tree. So she will need to make ornaments for the tree.
Would you be able to make an ornament for the tree? Anything, especially nothing too complicated.
The museum director suggested Carol decorate it with ATCs.
She will have to have the tree up and decorated by the morning of November 10 for the reception that evening.

What do you all think? Want to send Carol a Christmas/holiday themed ATC?

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I AM said...

Oh Carol, how exciting. I will absolutely send you an ATC ornament!! Tanaya