Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 30, 2007

Mountain Moments

Night settles around
the mountains
like a thick
warm black velvet

Leaving traces
of frost as the day
begins to break

Silver sparkles
caught in the sunlight

Or footprints left
from fall fairy dancers

Autumn Leaves and Jack-O'-Lanterns

Here's some more autumnal fun from Lore Caldwell and Diana Smith!

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 29, 2007

Mountain Moments

Sunlight streaming
in from curtainless window
reaching my hands and face
feeling the warmth
A heavy sparkling frost
laid across the car,
plants shriveling
with a black
goupy consistency
Houseplants gathered
up to be placed
inside on racks,
pedestals, shelves,
and to sit on the floor
Cypress has a place
of honor in front of a
sunny window
Plants, like people
need sometime to

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Digital Challenge Slide Show

Here it is so far! The Halloween Digital Challenge slide show. The autumn foliage is from Carol Moore, Deborah Gilchrist did the two little trick-or-treat sisters, the ghoulish pumpkins are from Patti Edmon and Diana Smith's are the two really spooky altered images with full moons. Can you see the skeleton's dancing? Whew!

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 23, 2007

Mountain Moments

Yellow leaves falling
as the slight quiver
of breeze catches
them hanging on
the tulip poplar tree
Blue jay majestically
perched on the red roof
Gray sky hanging over
the multicolored mountains

Maple trees put on quite
a show with their hot reds
reds, yellow reds
The kind of color,
that six year old
Millie would say,
made you look,
made you look.
and then, grin.

Photo courtesy of Ray Moore.

Leaf Rubbings
Been making leaf rubbings with children at Grannys Art House and Kindergarten children at ArtSpace.
Thought I'd share the technique.
Romp in the leaves. (optional, but fun)
Find some leaves.
Place a sheet of white paper over the leaf on a flat surface.
Color over the leaf using crayons.
Or place muslin over the leaf.
Color with a crayon or layer with crayons.
Cover the muslin with wax paper.
Cover the wax paper and muslin.
Iron on high setting
Peel off wax paper, the color is set into the fabric.

Here's an idea for supporting Carol's "Grannys Art House":

Carol received a telephone call from the local museum. They have an annual Christmas tree exhibit. There was a cancellation of a person who was putting up a tree and they asked if Carol wanted to do one for Granny's Art House. They are going to loan her the six foot tall tree. So she will need to make ornaments for the tree.
Would you be able to make an ornament for the tree? Anything, especially nothing too complicated.
The museum director suggested Carol decorate it with ATCs.
She will have to have the tree up and decorated by the morning of November 10 for the reception that evening.

What do you all think? Want to send Carol a Christmas/holiday themed ATC?

Digital Challenge response!

Here's the first response to the digital Halloween challenge and what a beauty it is!
Graves by Diana Smith.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Digital Challenge

Digital collage by Lani with text from a free download quote challenge by Pattie Knox of DesignerDigitals.com

Here's a digital challenge for 14 Secrets members. This is based Diana's introductory slide show. I took her altered photos as a challenge and created this image. Then I thought why not create a challenge for those of us who play with digital stuff. Send me altered photos and digital art jpg's of a Halloween theme by the end of the month and I'll post them all here!

What do you say?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for the Artella poetry contest

This poem was submitted for a poetry contest at Artella. The winner will be the one with the most votes. How and where to cast your vote appears at the end of the poem.

Mountain Moments

Sleep and I are dancing around
She has just not settled over
My mind
It surges with thoughts, things, and layers of emotions
Maybe too much caffeine
Or, just a menopause morning
Up before the starlings and cowbirds
Fighting over the copper birdbath
One-week an indigo bunting
The next week cowbirds

A robin has taken to pulling worms out of the garden
He comes several times a day
Two morning doves joined him
Eating seeds cast from residue of weed pulling
Cardinals, sparrows, finches, blue jays,
An abundance of birds call our yard home
Home to the largest holly tree in town
Home to a woman getting ready to pack art swaps
Before she crawls back into bed.

This is the poem chosen by the staff at Artlella for one of the 12 finalists.

The winner will be the poem which receives the most votes from the members of the Artella community.

If you are a member of Artella consider casting your vote for this poem by logging on here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments Oct. 12, 2007

Mountain Moments

Autumn, a season of change
leaves are falling
while standing in the yard
I watched leaves spiral
as the wind caught them
blowing yellow leaves
around my still body
asters going to seed
flocks of birds travel
black shapes in formation
moving with the wind
cold winds are blowing
temperatures dropping
frost will come soon

Embracing change,
I take my coat
and leave for Limestone
a last visit to the mill.
Spending mountian moments
with a friend
is a joy of life.

A celebration: Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming
in collaboration with the United Nations.

"How to fall in love with the Earth again" happiness challenge!

Collages by Lani with Gioia's photos and some of Lani's in Wales.

Try this:
Find an area of earth that is without noticeable human intervention. This could be in a forest, in a corner of a park or urban garden. Create a gift for the earth, something beautiful, made by you with what ever you find at hand. Stones, sticks, grasses, moss... Make art or a fairy dwelling or a shrine or altar. This exercise works really well if you are a child, a child-at-heart, or you are accompanied by a child! Have fun.

For more blogs featuring environmental posts please see jaihn's blog which is FULL of inspiration today and Blog Action Day!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How do you embellish your life?

Over at 14 Secrets Carol has been posting a secret a week to think about.
This week was week two, secret #2.
(To find all of Lani's 14 secrets, go to the files.
Click on the group guide.
It is in the helpful info files.)

Secret #2
Reflecting upon:
Make Everything Special.
Embellish Your Life.

Lani said:
Secret #2 Make everything special, Embellish your life.
Sometimes just noticing your life as it unfolds is really nice, but for fun I use candle light at dinner and I have Christmas tree lights around the dining room window and around the living room as well.

Patti said:
on the way up the studio steps every morning I plug in a strand of butterfly lights that trail across the ledge in front of the attic window... around the picture frames and small art; guess I was thinking about sticking beads on my forehead... too literal:)

I've printed out the 14 secrets, now that I've found them! Love, love, love your work and the effort you put into this group; it's my saving grace many days!

(Thank you Patti, it's absolutely my pleasure! - L)

Carol said:
I pondered your question, upon reflection, I make my life special by
taking time to make art.

I learned from a recent art class with Katy Kendrick to continue
adding layers even when you think you have enough..embellish away.
Putting just a little bit of gold at the right place.

Writing poetry is a reflection of the life I live in the mountains.
Each day, I find is very special.

I have six large sliver glittery stars in my studio and a wand made by
a friend sitting on my drawing table. Never know when you need just a
bit of magic.

How do the rest of you 14 secrets creative folks embellish your life?

HPNere said:
I have taken to wearing a very sparkly tiara to work when my life most
needs embellishment during the 9 to 5 hours. One day my friend ran out
to her car and came back and produced a pair of glass slippers to go
with it! It was a fairy tale afternoon- and just in time,with the way
things have been going in that office. But I think I might start
wearing some of my vintage 50's and 60's aprons to the office. Maybe
with my tiara...who knows?

Gioia said:
I think having babies embellished my life..of cource now they are
children they still embellish it, make it special--I have new worth
as I am tabitha & Annabel's mommy! above and beyond anything else I
very wanted to be, or actually been.....also teaching grad students,
and meeting with special friends, I feel bleassed to have these
people to be alive together.

But I also have sparkling lights I plug in and table fountain I plug
in to "embellish" a plain jane art studio with no widows at my new

also I'm fond of embellishing a bath with bubbles

those are my thoughts for now...

Lore said:
How do I embellish my life?
With art everyday!
With laughter.
Looking for good things in each day.
And 14 secrets.
To name a few..

Marilyn said:
An interesting question....I think keeping simplicity in life is an embellishment. Most of my creative efforts are on my screened porch overlooking the crystal blue of the pool. My lavender plant sends a wonderful fragrance when the breeze blows. My dogs and cat embellish my life now that I have the empty nest. Of course, my beautiful two year old granddaughter is the crowning jewel!! A really fun thing I did a few months ago was to invite my daughter's mother-in-law over for a spend the night "party." We stayed up until 1 talking about the kids...Had a super light dinner...Then we arose early to go to the "bohemian" market to get fresh vegetables and flowers! What a treat!!! Let's embellish some more!!

Barbara (Button Barbie) said:
Couldn't help but respond to how one embelishes their life. I notice everything about the day, whether or not it is bright and sunny or rainy or otherwise. The tone of the sky, the birds, little critters, designs of nature, objects on the ground such as found bird feathers, etc. All is a miracle. Also, viewing the art work of my students is a pleasure. I am very happy to belong to this group.
PS - Oh, and how could I have forgotten this! I hang the watercolor paintings of my godchild, Jasmine, who is 4 years old, on the glass of the french doors in my kitchen and porch! That is the best embellishment ever.

Jan said:
Oh, I so like the tiara, and sparkling shoes!

I am a little more tactile. Embellishment for me is a
bubble bath with candles, new perfume or splash, a
hair cut and curl, subtle nail polish, a new or
altered outfit, and without hesitation my wonderful
shared charm necklaces, bracelets, and other bangles.I
think there is a little Gypsy in me...I so enjoy the
jingle, jangle of jewels.

My environment is enriched with bits and pieces of art
I have received, made, and acquired in my junk hunts!
Lore's dried leaves, Carol's recent poem, Deb's shared
art beads, tiny, tiny vintage keys, thimbles, old
Victrola needles! Included with altered cabinet
pictures, fabric postcards, and family and friends

The butterfly lights sound wonderful too!

I have my wonderful space in a special corner in our

Lore added:
I have to add to my embellishments..
The fireworks of the mountains on my way to work! They are just a glow! I wish you could all see them.

Deb said:
I'm so enjoying reading about everyone's special embellishments.

Jan, I'm a lot like you - a little of the Gypsy in me - and love to have bits of found and received treasures all around. My embellishments are of a rather eclectic nature. I love vintage glass and old books. Old family portraits. Children's books, as well. I love the neat things others make and share with me. And sparkly stuff. I have a decorative bottle that I filled with beach sand mixed with iridescent glitter. It's my 'magic vacation in a bottle' whenever I need a little escape.

My desk is filled with a variety of crystals (some in old porcelain dishes) that I move around to catch the sunlight. I keep a beautiful amethyst on my art table. I love rocks and crystals and stones of all kinds and like to have them nearby to pick up and play with. I love candlelight, especially in the bath!

I still have some of my kids' old artwork around (and the youngest is 20). I miss the days of hanging their masterpieces in the windows! Although I do have many (many) of my oldest's recent photographs and pottery pieces all over the house.

And music. Always music.

The tiara at the office is great!

Carol added:
Nell, I am curious. Where do you work so that you have the enjoyment of
wearing a tiara?

And I, too love rainbows. There are so many prisms around the house and
stained glass windows in our house. My children and now grandchild
stands in the rainbow light amazed at the colors on her.

Just reading about embellishment, brightens my day.

This is fun!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 7, 2007

Mountain Moments

Ninety degrees
on October sixth
Mountains beginning
to resemble a patch work quilt
Orange, red, yellow, brown, tan
all mixed with evergreen
olive green, forest green
Butterflies hovering over
the asters
Purple flowers scattered
like weeds all over the yard

Maggie and I rocked
on the front porch swing
Her eyes closing from the heat
and playing with her friend Millie
The sounds of the birds in
the holly tree sang her to sleep

Quiet, mountain moments
holding close the ones you love.

And if you live near Carol here's her schedule for Granny's Week of October 7:

Monday October 8
Basket Making 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. $10

ABC Come Play With Me 4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. $10

Tuesday October 9
Come Create During Lunch 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. $5

Thursday October 11
Halloween Artist Trading Cards 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. $5

Artist trading cards are small pieces of art, the exact size of a playing card.

They are made to be traded with other artists.


Copper Embossing Couples Class with Dinner 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. $35 per couple

(A couple is two persons, two friends, two relatives, two people willing to share materials and tools)

Materials are included in the cost of the class.

For more information, log onto: http:// www.grannysarthouse.com

Monday, October 1, 2007

Reflections, an idea from Carol Moore


Every so often, I reflect upon the Lani's 14 secrets for a Happy
Life. These can be found on the website here in the files section under "finding your way around." I wondered if anyone else would be interested in using this as weekly reflection and also including them in your art. This is not a swap or trade.

Week One
Secret #1 Find three good things every day use them in your art.