Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments Sept. 25, 2007

(It just takes a few moments, a blink of an eye)

Mountain Moments

The sun shone through the redbud leaves
A golden glow cast on soft green
So quiet, no wind stirring
A dove with wings enfolded landed
on the branch of the golden raintree
A bluejay arrived
taking sunflower seeds from the feeder
Flying to a branch making noises
Then, they came
A tufted titmouse, a beautiful small bird
sparrows, cowbirds, and cardinals
Cowbirds are speckeled grey brown birds
known for laying their eggs in other birds nest
Four cowbirds in the birdbath
Dunking their bodies head first into the water
swishing and turning their bodies
Water flying everywhere
Four birds taking turns in the birdbath
A fifth came had to wait on the redbud branch
Sparrows feeding everywhere including the ground
As quickly as they came, they flew away
In the blink of an eye

It is amazing to me that by taking moments
to sit and watch the leaves on the tree
to be still
happiness comes
as softly as the wind blowing a leaf
Mountain moments

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