Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 26, 2007

Mountain Moments

In the stillness of the early morning
I watched the sun cast a pink hue
over the mountains
Changing from a golden yellow
to the heat lighting the earth
warmth, bringing out birds

house wren making her way
up and down the bark of the redbud
reminding me of the red plastic
woodpecker that would dip into a glass of water
my grandfather would bring out to show
when I was a little girl

He would tell us fairy stories
We would bring catalpa leaves
so he could make us fairy costumes
We would dance and pretend
I gathered stones and moss to make fairy houses
My sister would make mud pies
Setting them on wooden platforms to sell them
She is now a real estate agent
I create fairy stories
believing the second star to the right holds magic

The magic in the mountains
of sunlight, bird songs, smiles
purple asters, butterflies,
and friends like you to send mountain moments.

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