Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 11, 2007

Mountain Moments

Grey pink sky speckled with clouds rising
Over the green blue mountians
Early morning colors mixed with light soft fog
Young squirrel hanging from the roof
Gray fluffy tail dangles
head twitching from side to side
Before jumping into the dogwood tree
Leaping into the tulip poplar to jump
Onto the bird feeder

Sky has changed in a matter of minutes
Grey blue covered in clouds
Changing as quickly as life can change
Reflecting upon September 11
The changes in each of our lives

Walking the Washington Mall on October 11
Six years ago
Sirens blaring, we all stopped
Police cars stationed everywhere
Airport closed
Art gallery guards checking purses very carefully
while riding public transportation
free for the weekend
Sitting next to a woman, who had lived in Israel
Visting her daughter at the University
She shared stories of people attaching bombs to themselves
Going into icecream palors
She made fear real
Life, she said, will never be the same

Taking time to remember
Praying for peace

About Mountain Moments
Mountain moments were created while looking out my office window several years ago, writing about the colors and changes of the mountains to a friend who worked in a large city. I hope you enjoy your mountain moments.
Now, I work at home, taking time each day to share these moments with you.

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