Sunday, September 9, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 7, 2007

Mountain Moments

They came to the feeder at twilight
The male gliding right to the perch
Maintaining the dominant position
The female flew to the lower feeder
The male ,once he turned sideways
Had no tuft and few feathers on his side
The female's bright orange beak was
the most colorful part of her body
Feathers molting
As we watched them the female
flew to the top level opposite the male
They would turn and feed in a syncopated rhythm
Aging birds
A celebration they have lived
In these mountains
Living in our yard
Raising their young
Singing their songs
Red birds against green leaves

For six years, I worked with grandparents and other relatives raising children.
Each grandparents day Sunday, I am reminded of the gifts of tgrandparents
The time and love they give to to provide a stable home for their grandchildren.
This Sunday is Grandparents Day...a day to celebrate

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