Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 4, 2007

Mountain Moments

The air in early morning has a soft whisper of fall
The sun has yet to come over the mountians
The sky has the bluegrey color
Pink starts to color the sky
The earth begins her light show
A day is rising with the sun
Dew catches onto spider webs
Holding onto the silken threads
Mists rising like ribbons winding across the mountains

While walking the Guest River Gorge
yellowish white caterpillars were
twirling on threads
making their way into the trees overhead
Tiny solitary caterpillars with soft yellow fur
Maybe an inch long
Five feet off the ground and rising

Cardinal flowers blooming along the edge of the path
Bog plants with green pikey puff flowers
Joe Pye weed, grape vines rambling,
Wild magnolia with red seed pods
Trees so thick
A natural cathederal with light ambling through leaves
The sound of water rushing over rocks echoed through sandstone

A tunnel made for a train to travel
Now a path for people to travel
Through the Jefferson National Forest
A natural air conditioner
To cool the body after miles of walking.

The moments we spend each day
Deciding which foot to place in front of each other
Mountain moments

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