Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 26, 2007

Mountain Moments

In the stillness of the early morning
I watched the sun cast a pink hue
over the mountains
Changing from a golden yellow
to the heat lighting the earth
warmth, bringing out birds

house wren making her way
up and down the bark of the redbud
reminding me of the red plastic
woodpecker that would dip into a glass of water
my grandfather would bring out to show
when I was a little girl

He would tell us fairy stories
We would bring catalpa leaves
so he could make us fairy costumes
We would dance and pretend
I gathered stones and moss to make fairy houses
My sister would make mud pies
Setting them on wooden platforms to sell them
She is now a real estate agent
I create fairy stories
believing the second star to the right holds magic

The magic in the mountains
of sunlight, bird songs, smiles
purple asters, butterflies,
and friends like you to send mountain moments.


Patti's inchies and Deb's links!
Have fun!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments Sept. 25, 2007

(It just takes a few moments, a blink of an eye)

Mountain Moments

The sun shone through the redbud leaves
A golden glow cast on soft green
So quiet, no wind stirring
A dove with wings enfolded landed
on the branch of the golden raintree
A bluejay arrived
taking sunflower seeds from the feeder
Flying to a branch making noises
Then, they came
A tufted titmouse, a beautiful small bird
sparrows, cowbirds, and cardinals
Cowbirds are speckeled grey brown birds
known for laying their eggs in other birds nest
Four cowbirds in the birdbath
Dunking their bodies head first into the water
swishing and turning their bodies
Water flying everywhere
Four birds taking turns in the birdbath
A fifth came had to wait on the redbud branch
Sparrows feeding everywhere including the ground
As quickly as they came, they flew away
In the blink of an eye

It is amazing to me that by taking moments
to sit and watch the leaves on the tree
to be still
happiness comes
as softly as the wind blowing a leaf
Mountain moments

Friday, September 21, 2007

Do you realize?

From KarmaTube:
Take time today to realize exactly what you have, exactly right now.

Carol Moore's Beach Moments for September 21, 2007

Beach Moments

The surf pounds the shore
Hitting against the stones
Shells turned into bits and pieces
Becoming sand
Walking the beach
I amble along
avoiding stones
looking for shells
sea glass, small stones
Stopping to wade in the surf
Marveling at the ocean
Feet squeeshy in the sand
Wave after wave coming into shore
Sun beating on my face
Sea gulls gathering
along the sand
Three black birds along the edge
Morning meeting
Then fly off
Pelicans stay away from these events

Each day the beach has been different
From dragonflies, black flies, gnats, and butterflies
Life like the beach flowing like the surf

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fabric Postcards from Deb Gilchrist

Deb sent in these beauties!

Carol's postcard.

Huyen's postcard.

Jan's postcard.

Deb's Sun.

Deb's Leaf

Deb's mermaid.
Thanks Deb, Carol, Huyen, and Jan!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 11, 2007

Mountain Moments

Grey pink sky speckled with clouds rising
Over the green blue mountians
Early morning colors mixed with light soft fog
Young squirrel hanging from the roof
Gray fluffy tail dangles
head twitching from side to side
Before jumping into the dogwood tree
Leaping into the tulip poplar to jump
Onto the bird feeder

Sky has changed in a matter of minutes
Grey blue covered in clouds
Changing as quickly as life can change
Reflecting upon September 11
The changes in each of our lives

Walking the Washington Mall on October 11
Six years ago
Sirens blaring, we all stopped
Police cars stationed everywhere
Airport closed
Art gallery guards checking purses very carefully
while riding public transportation
free for the weekend
Sitting next to a woman, who had lived in Israel
Visting her daughter at the University
She shared stories of people attaching bombs to themselves
Going into icecream palors
She made fear real
Life, she said, will never be the same

Taking time to remember
Praying for peace

About Mountain Moments
Mountain moments were created while looking out my office window several years ago, writing about the colors and changes of the mountains to a friend who worked in a large city. I hope you enjoy your mountain moments.
Now, I work at home, taking time each day to share these moments with you.

Sneak peak at Lore's paper beads

I am using brown paper that is rubber stamped with a quote then cut up. I use pearl X and clear embossing powder. Oh yes and a heat gun. I work on them at night and each bead takes quite a while to make! BUT I love it they look like Raku.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 7, 2007

Mountain Moments

They came to the feeder at twilight
The male gliding right to the perch
Maintaining the dominant position
The female flew to the lower feeder
The male ,once he turned sideways
Had no tuft and few feathers on his side
The female's bright orange beak was
the most colorful part of her body
Feathers molting
As we watched them the female
flew to the top level opposite the male
They would turn and feed in a syncopated rhythm
Aging birds
A celebration they have lived
In these mountains
Living in our yard
Raising their young
Singing their songs
Red birds against green leaves

For six years, I worked with grandparents and other relatives raising children.
Each grandparents day Sunday, I am reminded of the gifts of tgrandparents
The time and love they give to to provide a stable home for their grandchildren.
This Sunday is Grandparents Day...a day to celebrate

Friday, September 7, 2007

Anticipating the Goddess and Talisman Beads

Were you in the Goddess and Talisman bead swap? Are you just on the edge of your seat and bugging your postal worker everyday? Here's the sneak peak from Lore!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 4, 2007

Mountain Moments

The air in early morning has a soft whisper of fall
The sun has yet to come over the mountians
The sky has the bluegrey color
Pink starts to color the sky
The earth begins her light show
A day is rising with the sun
Dew catches onto spider webs
Holding onto the silken threads
Mists rising like ribbons winding across the mountains

While walking the Guest River Gorge
yellowish white caterpillars were
twirling on threads
making their way into the trees overhead
Tiny solitary caterpillars with soft yellow fur
Maybe an inch long
Five feet off the ground and rising

Cardinal flowers blooming along the edge of the path
Bog plants with green pikey puff flowers
Joe Pye weed, grape vines rambling,
Wild magnolia with red seed pods
Trees so thick
A natural cathederal with light ambling through leaves
The sound of water rushing over rocks echoed through sandstone

A tunnel made for a train to travel
Now a path for people to travel
Through the Jefferson National Forest
A natural air conditioner
To cool the body after miles of walking.

The moments we spend each day
Deciding which foot to place in front of each other
Mountain moments

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Gift from Lynn to Lore

So here's a little spirit doll that Lynn made for Lore, because Lore is such a good 14 Secrets moderator, so encouraging of us all!