Friday, August 31, 2007

Organize your mail art - Idea by Lore

I have a hard time keeping track of all of the artmail I need to send.
I decided to make a journal to keep it all in one place. I wanted the journal to
look well used(it will be) so I worked with mailing labels from art mail that have come to me for the covers. This also determined the shape!
The Front of the book, (the less colorful one) serves as a record of all the current swaps I am in. I am using tabs to indicate which month things are happening in. I will keep notes, ideas, and what the swap is about etc on these pages. Also a place to mark when I have mailed the art along with conformation number slips, custom slips and all that fun stuff. I am also including envies in it for these things.
The back (the colorful side) I turn and flip the book and this is where I will keep track of Round Robins as there is much more mailing and communication etc to pay attention to. I will also make a section for the swaps and RR's I am hosting.
When the book is full I will post another photo, so stay tuned.
What are some ways others keep track of things?

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