Friday, August 31, 2007

Here are a few Questions of the week - By Lore Caldwell

Feel free to leave new answers to these questions in the comments box!

If you had only a day to create happiness what would your day look
So, lets say you were poking around and found an old make up suit
case. It is kinda stinky and you figure you can reuse it and turn it
What would you do to it?
What you you keep in it?
Today 2000 boy scouts are descending on my small town to have a
parade to honor the Vets. Anyway it got me thinking....
If our group was invited to be in a big parade, what would our float
look like?
Have fun!
How will you take care of you this year?
Nurture your spirit?
What is your new years intention?
One that you can keep.
Just for you.

And here's Melissa's answer:
Since I made lots of great healthy resolutions last year (and happily
stuck to most of them!) this year I am resolved to invest some
energies into enriching my bookmaking skills. It's something I
really enjoy and have always wanted to learn more about. I'm working
on a different book each week (or every two weeks depending on
complexity)and am mostly filling them with daily sketches and

What is your new years intention?

Wishing you all peace, love, art & happy surprises in 2007!
Imagine walking on the beach, it is a warm beautiful fall day
with a gentle breeze. The beach is empty except for the seagulls and
magical creatures of the ocean. The sound of the waves are a
constant companion as you wander in your bare feet. You notice
something washing onto the beach and you walk towards it. It is a
glass bottle, with a message in it, it looks very old. You pick
it up and you see that your name is etched into the glass. You open
the bottle and read the message, what does it say?
When you go to your mailbox today you find that you have a box
that has been sent to you by your creativity fairy, What is in it?
Remember this is your story so it can be any size,shape, color any
thing is possible.
May your imagination run wild.
In hopes to begin some discussion I was wondering....
If you had an entire day to do art for you, and art was the only
thing you could do, what would you do?

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