Friday, August 31, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for August 31, 2007

Mountain Moments

They came in a mesmerizing swarm
After a heavy rain which left sticks and limbs in the yard
Flying in a frenzied pattern
Carrying sticks, zap it came flying by
I stopped
A large dragonfly
Then another and another
I sat on the concrete steps
Mesmerized with their patterns
weaving in and out
Looping and looping
They continued to swarm in the back yard
I went to get Ray
He came outside
We watched them quietly in awe
There is no water source in the backyard
We live in town surrounded by buildings
there is no official dragonfly data about swarming
Seems as if they could be eating insects brought out by the rain
Dragonflies symbolize dreams, change, illusion, and
just a little magic of nature.

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