Thursday, August 30, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments Aug. 28, 2007

Mountain Moments

In the heat of the day, I went to the garden
A black swallowtail butterfly was hovering
As I picked the small red early girl tomatoes from the vine
Flying around me I noticed the wings catching the sunlight
The blackness of the wings shimmering
As I would pick a tomato, I stopped to glance at the butterfly
It had landed and was drinking from the marigolds
Orange and red flowers in the garden with morning glories
interwoven into everything
I took the time to be still and really look at the butterfly
Wings spattered with yellow, orange and almost a blue
Still as it drank the nectar from the flowers
Marveling in its beauty
Marveling it can exist in the heat and humidity
Carrying the tomatoes inside,
I was greeted by the tiny orange butterflies
finding their way to the flowers of the oregano and mint which roots intermingled
to create an interesting plant grown in the yard..a mintano or oregant
In honor of the butterflies, I moved the butterfly sculpture, yard art into the mintano bed
There were the tiny orange butterflies waiting for me to move my feet
so they could gather at the mintano

Rain came
Heavy hard drops
What happens to sparrows when it rains
They get wet
A shower
Cleaning their feathers
Cooling their bodies

Fog settles this morning
Thickly covering the town
leaving with the sun


cindy said...

thank you for a moment of peace

Lani Gerity said...

This comment came from Jan B.

Oh Lani,

It feels like home!

Carol's writings open the door.

So nice to wander through each "room."

Is the tea pot on?

Bless this place known to me as home and all who

Jan B.