Friday, August 31, 2007

My current favorite collaborative piece - by Lani

This was an altered book of self-portraits, everyone in the swap created a page for each other's altered books. I used a kid's board book, took the pages apart, collaged them, put eyelets just where I wanted them and waited for my art buddies to send me their self portraits. Here are the results.

The cover says "Who are we? The whole world is our family. We are all us."

Organize your mail art - Idea by Lore

I have a hard time keeping track of all of the artmail I need to send.
I decided to make a journal to keep it all in one place. I wanted the journal to
look well used(it will be) so I worked with mailing labels from art mail that have come to me for the covers. This also determined the shape!
The Front of the book, (the less colorful one) serves as a record of all the current swaps I am in. I am using tabs to indicate which month things are happening in. I will keep notes, ideas, and what the swap is about etc on these pages. Also a place to mark when I have mailed the art along with conformation number slips, custom slips and all that fun stuff. I am also including envies in it for these things.
The back (the colorful side) I turn and flip the book and this is where I will keep track of Round Robins as there is much more mailing and communication etc to pay attention to. I will also make a section for the swaps and RR's I am hosting.
When the book is full I will post another photo, so stay tuned.
What are some ways others keep track of things?

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for August 31, 2007

Mountain Moments

They came in a mesmerizing swarm
After a heavy rain which left sticks and limbs in the yard
Flying in a frenzied pattern
Carrying sticks, zap it came flying by
I stopped
A large dragonfly
Then another and another
I sat on the concrete steps
Mesmerized with their patterns
weaving in and out
Looping and looping
They continued to swarm in the back yard
I went to get Ray
He came outside
We watched them quietly in awe
There is no water source in the backyard
We live in town surrounded by buildings
there is no official dragonfly data about swarming
Seems as if they could be eating insects brought out by the rain
Dragonflies symbolize dreams, change, illusion, and
just a little magic of nature.

Here are a few Questions of the week - By Lore Caldwell

Feel free to leave new answers to these questions in the comments box!

If you had only a day to create happiness what would your day look
So, lets say you were poking around and found an old make up suit
case. It is kinda stinky and you figure you can reuse it and turn it
What would you do to it?
What you you keep in it?
Today 2000 boy scouts are descending on my small town to have a
parade to honor the Vets. Anyway it got me thinking....
If our group was invited to be in a big parade, what would our float
look like?
Have fun!
How will you take care of you this year?
Nurture your spirit?
What is your new years intention?
One that you can keep.
Just for you.

And here's Melissa's answer:
Since I made lots of great healthy resolutions last year (and happily
stuck to most of them!) this year I am resolved to invest some
energies into enriching my bookmaking skills. It's something I
really enjoy and have always wanted to learn more about. I'm working
on a different book each week (or every two weeks depending on
complexity)and am mostly filling them with daily sketches and

What is your new years intention?

Wishing you all peace, love, art & happy surprises in 2007!
Imagine walking on the beach, it is a warm beautiful fall day
with a gentle breeze. The beach is empty except for the seagulls and
magical creatures of the ocean. The sound of the waves are a
constant companion as you wander in your bare feet. You notice
something washing onto the beach and you walk towards it. It is a
glass bottle, with a message in it, it looks very old. You pick
it up and you see that your name is etched into the glass. You open
the bottle and read the message, what does it say?
When you go to your mailbox today you find that you have a box
that has been sent to you by your creativity fairy, What is in it?
Remember this is your story so it can be any size,shape, color any
thing is possible.
May your imagination run wild.
In hopes to begin some discussion I was wondering....
If you had an entire day to do art for you, and art was the only
thing you could do, what would you do?

Question for the week - Aug. 31, 2007 - by Lore Caldwell

Since tomorrow is our very own 14 Secrets Birthday I
thought...hmmmmmm.....This group makes me so happy, connection with
all of you and getting amazing art in the mail and just knowing we
have this wonder-filled community there for us to play with make me
smile. It is kind of like an on-going party in some ways. We all have
gifts we bring to this party everytime we log on to 14 Secrets, What
gift do you bring to the party? And What are your party favors that
you keep with you?
Happy ARTING,Lore

I create to live and I live to create. Lore
View my pictures, just click on the link below.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments Aug. 28, 2007

Mountain Moments

In the heat of the day, I went to the garden
A black swallowtail butterfly was hovering
As I picked the small red early girl tomatoes from the vine
Flying around me I noticed the wings catching the sunlight
The blackness of the wings shimmering
As I would pick a tomato, I stopped to glance at the butterfly
It had landed and was drinking from the marigolds
Orange and red flowers in the garden with morning glories
interwoven into everything
I took the time to be still and really look at the butterfly
Wings spattered with yellow, orange and almost a blue
Still as it drank the nectar from the flowers
Marveling in its beauty
Marveling it can exist in the heat and humidity
Carrying the tomatoes inside,
I was greeted by the tiny orange butterflies
finding their way to the flowers of the oregano and mint which roots intermingled
to create an interesting plant grown in the yard..a mintano or oregant
In honor of the butterflies, I moved the butterfly sculpture, yard art into the mintano bed
There were the tiny orange butterflies waiting for me to move my feet
so they could gather at the mintano

Rain came
Heavy hard drops
What happens to sparrows when it rains
They get wet
A shower
Cleaning their feathers
Cooling their bodies

Fog settles this morning
Thickly covering the town
leaving with the sun

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Starting a 14 Sectrets Blog

Why not have a place where we can see the things that we have created over at "14 Secrets Yahoo Group," a place where we can share the inspiration!