Saturday, December 29, 2007

Healing Art Dolls

Over at our 14 secrets group a few of us are falling victim to the ice and really hurting ourselves! So Lore got the idea for a healing doll swap! Excellent idea.

So here are some links and ideas to consider when you create your healing art doll:

Pamela Hastings does transformative art doll workshops and has a great book on the subject. I really liked this book and not just because I have a chapter in it.

Barb Kobe has a lot of information on her website for healing art dolls. Lots of inspiration.

To a question about color and healing bones Deb answered: leg and foot bones are related to the 1st or base chakra, red would be a good healing color.

Gena also sent in this information:
From doll artist and healer Ma- Liis Peacock: ( ideas for incorporating stones into the doll. Here is a list of the specific healing qualities of various stones as well as healing properties of colors. We could make it a sense doll and also use the healing properties of aromas as in aromatherapy or of plants as in phytotherapy. I will try to make a list for the latter two if anyone is interested. Here is what Ihave so far concerning stones and colors, thanks to Maii-Liis:

Abundance- Citrine

Addiction- Amethyst

Allergies- Carnelian

Anger- Carnelian, Howlite

Arthritis- Malachite, Copper

Blood pressure- Bloodstone

Calming- Amethyst

Confidence- Tiger eye, Jade

Courage- Aquamarine

Creativity- Azurite

Grief- Obsidian, Apache Tears

Harmony- Sodalite

Immune system- Malachite, Lapis Lazuli

Digestive system- Citrine, Sodalite

Loneliness- Jade, Pink Tourmaline

Love- Rose quartz

Luck- Malachite, Copper, Moonstone

Mental clarity- Quartz crystal, Labradorite

Heart- Copal, Chrysoprase

Money- Citrine, Malachite, gold

Protection- Smoky Quartz, Turquoise

Sleep- Jade, Lepidolite, Mica

Stress- Lepidolite

Eyes- Celestite, Labradorite, Mica

Purify Body/Mind/Spirit- Amber, Lapis Lazuli

Physical Energy- Carnelian, Turquoise

Balance Body,Mind/Spirit- Amethyst, Celestite

Healing properties of Color

Effects of color will not be of huge importance as applied to healing dolls, mostly because color usually has to be applied in large areas in order
to affect someone. Still, there are some generalities which you may wish to keep in mind.

BLACK is supposed to ward off "bad vibes", but I don't advise a black doll for a depressed person. For the bold, it makes a statement of mystery and strength.

RED is a joyful, purifying color. It is a dynamic color which promotes courage and passion. Add red when energy and self-esteem is needed.

ORANGE has many of the attributes of red, like warmth and vitality, but is less aggressive in nature. It is useful in blocking stagnation and promoting creativity. Good for stimulating circulation and blood flow in the body.

PINK is said to heal broken hearts and other emotional wounds. It is also a color for relaxation. The most beneficial pinks are the darker tones of bubble-gum and magenta.

YELLOW stimulates the mind and clears thoughts. Use for digestive problems and allergies, but avoid yellows with a green tone. Instead, use a bright, clear yellow.

PURPLE is considered a color of the divine. It stimulates the mind and the state of imagination and creativity. The use of violet can help one turn daydreams into reality by enhancing this flow. Good for rebalancing the energies in general.

BLUE brings calm and peace. It brings us inward and allows us a deeper understanding of our inner being. It allows us to channel the thoughts which best lead to actualization without being confused or side tracked by unimportant thoughts that would otherwise clutter the pathway.

GREEN promotes growth and general healing. Green is the color of growth and expansion of both mind and spirit. It creates a peaceful feeling and can be used to relieve tension and stress.

TURQUOISE is an ancient color that has been used for centuries and by all cultures throughout the world. Turquoise is used to express individuality and creativity. It reduces toxins in the body, and adds new life to old projects. It offers freedom from whatever has been holding one back.

Please don't be overly concerned about the use of color in your healing other than how it looks. Allow yourself the confidence, and you will KNOW what color is right.

Also remember the healing power of plants. You could stuff the doll with lavender or rose petals, lemon balm, etc. Nothing too overpowering or synthetic. You could also scent the doll with essential oil, again, nothing synthetic, the idea being not so much to make it smell good, but to give the doll the vibration and energy of a plant to bring about a healing effect. I will try to find a resource file for herbs if anyone is interested. I have tons of books but can't locate that "one" book right now, you know how that goes!

Dolls can be made of anything. This is a great swap for using intuition and tapping our inner healers! Also intent is very important when making the dolls... can write out a little prayer or find a "potion" or just a few words... getting ideas yet?

I thought you might enjoy the interview that Zura Ledbetter has on her Creative Clown blog site of doll artist, Cynjon Noah. There is a pretty cool-looking doll there to feast your eyes on. Also Zura'a blog is a great springboard for creativity. Enjoy! (scroll down)

Jan sent these links:
Barb Kobe's website.

Barb Kobe's Ten Doll Questions

And here are some steps for creating a healing doll:

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for December 28, 2007

Mountain Moments

Making vegetable soup with a five year old
You will need a stool for her to sit upon
Open some pureed tomatoes
Let her pour them into the pan
Add water
A small handful of Italian herbs
Cut up a large onion
Added with garlic to tomato base
Stir with a large spoon
Cut up six or seven potatoes
depending upon spots and bruises
Small hands add pieces to the soup
with shredded carrots
Cover leave on stove 20 - 40 minutes
Add another small handful of Italian herbs
Decide on vegetables to add
Here were the choices made
white beans, black eyed peas, peas, corn, green beans
Add to the soup
with a little black pepper and salt
Preheat the oven
Roll triangles into crescent rolls
When rolls are golden brown
Serve up the soup
Place orange sections and apple slices in a bowl
Lunch for a cold rainy day

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for December 19, 2007

Mountain Moments

A little explanation about the poem for today...
I am one of the moderators of an art group on yahoo called 14 secrets for a happy life.
Life has not been so happy with art swaps lately. Then, one of the moderators sent
the most delightful and practical ways to look at life. Thank you, Adela for this inspiration.

Unique You
The only one of your kind
Take a mirror
Really look
At this wonderful creation
Joy of life
right in front of your
creative eyes
ready to receive the blessings
of the day
ready to give to others
A day like no other
taking the time
To focus upon the moment
Being still
If the critic comes to call
stay a while with her
focus on the problem
then gently let it go
if it is one of those
persistent kind of things
create a collage card
Get a pile of magazines
cut out pictures
glue stick them
to card stock
breathe deeply
Glitter is optional

Secret # Eleven

Grandpuppets at Sagamore.

Carol wrote:

Secret Number Eleven
Play with your grandchildren as much as possible

Being the granny of a five year old coming tomorrow to spend a week,
I have the glitter crayons ready. We are making cookies and art with
friends and family on Monday at grannys art house.

My grandfather played with his grandchildren. He gave us fairy names,
told us fairy stories, and created costumes for us out of catalpa
leaves. I learned how to play checker, ball, and a variety of games
from him. My grandmother taught me to cook, sew, and encouraged me to
draw. She would give me an unlimited supply of paper and pencils.

For six years, I worked in an intergenerational program providing
supportive services for grandparents raising grandchildren. Art gave
them an opportunity to play. Because of the respect I have for these
grandparents and being a granny, I created grannys art house.
A place to play, create and have fun, something people forget to do.

Taking the time to play creates a loving relationship and what fun
you have. Of course, there is nothing quite like a grandchild. I
didn't realize that there was so much love inside of me until she was
born. And her grandaddy feels the same and love.

Carol from the mountains of Virginia

Lani wrote:

Although this secret is fairly self explanatory, it did come partly out of memories of my own grandparents and great grandparents. There's a very special twinkle in the eye of elders for their young grandchildren. Partly, though, it came from running puppetmaking workshops for an Elderhostel intergenerational camp. I watched many elders and grandkids have such fun and appreciation for each other. What a delight! There was really nothing that could compare with the mischief that puppets can get up to when you mix up the generations!

Mary wrote:

Thank you for this Secret. I spent 2 hours under the quilt covered card table two days ago with my two grandchildren and remembered my grandmother and honored her as we played games, told stories, ate and were there with each other. There is nothing that brings me to the present moment as much as being with those children.
All love and the happiest of seasons to you all.
Practicing Art-full possibilities

Image from Joyce's grandmother's book, MIA somewhere in Michigan. Collage by Lani

Monday, December 17, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for December 17, 2007

Mountain Moments

Silent night
stars twinkling
cold crisp air
light dusting
of white powdery
fruit basket
left inside the door
angel costumes
hung on hangers
wooden manger
leaning against the wall
annual photograph taken
to be turned into
a Christmas card

This year tradition
took a turn for
me and I found
I was not prepared
Life, a roller coaster
without brakes or
the Holler Daze season

Friday, December 14, 2007

Secret Number Ten

Carol Wrote:

Secret Number Ten
Honor thy grandmothers as much as possible.

Now taken literally, being a grandmother, I like this idea.
However, I was taught there are many grandmothers. Grandmother of the
earth, sky, sea, heavens, and animals. Being a storyteller, I learned
early on to respect the grandmothers. By doing so, we learn to respect
each other and ourselves.

Lately,there have been a few folks who have not responded to the
moderators about swaps. Holding art that has been created lovingly by
others, yet keeping for themselves. It saddens me that this is
happening with this magical creative group.
During this season filled with miracles, it is a good time to honor not
only our grandmothers, but our creative sisters and brothers.

Lani wrote:

The story behind this secret came from an art therapist in British Columbia and my own experiences teaching at NYU. There was once a young woman who came from a very conservative religious community in rural British Columbia. She was a lesbian and felt rejected by her community because of this. She headed for VanCouver and ended up in therapy with an art therapist. He was very interested in the strength we gain from finding something in our history to identify with. So he asked her to bring in old family photos. She had one of her grandmother that was particularly interesting. Her grandmother had moved in with another woman when her husband died. These two women lived in the bush on their own, and were supported by the other women in the community. Suddenly the young woman realized she had an ego ideal and a story of strength about her grandmother and the women in the community. Knowing her grandmother and the women that supported her grandmother would have affirmed her sexual orientation and supported her made for a wonderful feeling of empowerment.

In my teaching experience at NYU, I would ask the students to pick a character from their cultural background, or from their own family history to create a puppet and narrative around. The students that created their own ancestors, usually a grandmother, were always surprised and delighted by the process!

So when I created this secret I was thinking about looking for ego ideals and stories of strength and affirmation in our own history, from our own grandmothers.

To this, Lore added:

I posted a photo of a shrine I made to honor my Grandmother. I uses an old sewing drawer, some of her old knitting needles, her soap dish holds a photo of her. The background is a painting I started years ago of some of her flowers. Nan was an amazing woman and the best Grandmother ever!
In ART, Lore

To this Lynn wrote:

It's beautiful! I love that you have so many of her things in it. What a wonderful way to honor her and display those things that were hers! I'm almost ready to start working on a couple with some of my dad's tools and other small items from his workshop. I love what you did and it's giving me the nudge to get going on mine! Thank you so much for sharing! I love what you've done, as always!!

And Lore answered:
Thank you everyone for you comments on my shrine for Nan. I make shrines all the time with clients and they really benefit from them. So I encourage you to make one for you. It can be for anything, healing, creativity to a memory of someone. I have some others posted on my picture trail.
Be well, stay warm and Make art! Lore

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for December 12, 2007

Mountain Moments

Acroynym n. a word formed from the first letters of several words
S stop
T to
R relax
E enjoy
S soul
S sounds

It invades the mind
body and spirit
flooding over you
like tar
sticking into
your brain
holding on
until you
decide to
let it be
Calm descends
like a spring
the soul

Note from Lani:
Adela sent me this great link for a Pema Chodren article on the mind stickiness (which feels like something from outside getting in and holding on...) that causes greed, anxiety, and stress. You can read it here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Creative Commons

Collage by Lani
Do you know the Creative Commons? Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from "All Rights Reserved" to "Some Rights Reserved." Personally I really like the whole creative commons approach, taking into account that ideas are like living things that can and should grow and change and be improved on.

It's like the old common land in the center of a village where you could take your sheep to feed them on the common grass. I like that image. I would love to be a part of such sharing, so from now on any material here will be part of the village grazing land, the Creative Commons. If you want to borrow some sheep or ideas or images, just give the 14 Secrets Folks credit AND let us know what these ideas do for you, where they take you.

So here's an example. Gioia sent the 14 Secrets folks an email full of great relaxation techniques. I take them and add images for a zine or slide show. You look at it, get some ideas and try them out too, perhaps with a group of people. You might put them on index cards, add images to the other side, making sure that images make you smile, and create a little endorphin activity in your brain!
Like art seeds being spread, ideas can be shared generously.
Edward's poppies.
Relaxation Techniques and Ideas from Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR-BC
(text is hers, images are added by me and they are totally optional)
Take a Pause: (about ten seconds)
* Identify anything that is presently annoying you.
* Tell yourself, "I don't have to become too tense over this."
* Take two easy deep breaths (counting from 1 to 4 as you
inhale and exhale).
* Ease any tense spot quickly, to the best of your ability.
* Stretch and resume your activity.


Maida, C.A. (n.d.) Short Relaxation Exercises handout, McLean, VA:
Family Counseling Center

Lani's collage
Body Stress Scanning: (about two minutes)
* Take two deep easy breaths and exhale each slowly.
* Scan your body to find a tense spot and relax it as much as
possible (i.e., forehead, jaw, shoulders, back, hand).
* Do two brief yoga exercises (do them slowly):

Head Rotation. Rotate your head slowly around in a circular motion,
once or twice in both directions.

Shoulder Roll. Slowly roll your shoulders forward and backwards a
couple times in each direction.

* Recall a pleasant thought, image, memory, or feeling for a
few seconds (as long as you want).
* Take one more deep, slow breath, exhale slowly and return to
your activity.


Maida, C.A. (n.d.) Short Relaxation Exercises handout, McLean, VA:
Family Counseling Center

This image is a collaborative image from Gioia and Lani
Focusing on an Image: (about ten seconds minimum)
* Simply focus on a favorite fantasy or image, either one that
you have chosen previously or something that occurs to you
* As you think about, or feel, this image, take deep slow
breaths and return to your activity when you are ready.


Maida, C.A. (n.d.) Short Relaxation Exercises handout, McLean, VA:
Family Counseling Center

Prospero the Bergamasco
Find One Thing To Appreciate: (about ten seconds minimum)
* Simply pick out one enjoyable or beautiful aspect of your
environment, wherever you happen to be. In some settings it is
easier, but you can almost always find something to appreciate.
Examples include a patch of a favorite color, a nice piece of
furniture, art, another person, a sound, or a personal object (i.e.,
a pen, your ring, an attractive purse, etc.).
* Focus only on this object to admire it for a moment and
breathe deeply and easily as you do it. Return to your activity when
you are ready.


Maida, C.A. (n.d.) Short Relaxation Exercises handout, McLean, VA:
Family Counseling Center

Lani's Collage
Appreciation game: (about 5 minutes)

Take a moment to be intentional about your appreciation for your
friends and family. Make a game of it by in turn, telling your
partner, friend or child what you appreciate about him or her.
Appreciations can include the "little" things, like the way someone
smiles, the scarf they wear, or the sound of their sneeze! Car rides
are a good time to do a round of appreciations, have fun with it.
My daughter calls this activity "saying my loves." Don't forget you
also get to be appreciated as well, every day. You also don't have
to wait for others to notice, you can appreciate yourself anytime!

More of Edward's Poppies
Drawing breath (3 minutes or more)

"Imagine that the bottoms of your feet are open and that energy from
the earth can be received through them. With your eyes closed and
your feet firmly on the ground, inhale slowly, visualizing the energy
that you are bringing into your body from the earth. Consciously
think about breathing into your belly rather than your chest. Exhale,
watching the energy within you going back through your feet and into
the earth. Repeat this for a few minutes. Try to think of the in-
breath as strengthening and empowering you, and the out-breath as a
force that cleanses and purifies you.

Stop, open your eyes, and slowly try drawing your inhalations and
exhalations on paper. Let yourself intuitively make lines and shapes
across the paper and use colors that represent the quality of your
breathing." (Malchiodi, 2002, 135-136) Continue as long as you like.


Malchiodi, C.A. (2002) The soul's palette: Drawing on art's
transformative power for health and well-being. Boston: Shambhala.

Lani's Collage
Color exhales (2 minutes)
*Uncross arms and legs and sit in chair, feeling the chair below you.
*Take a deep breath and exhale.
*Identify an area of tension in your body.
*Imagine the tension is a color.
*Take 3 deep breaths, on each imagining the air you inhale is pure
white light mixing with the color you chose to represent the tension.
*Exhale, releasing tension, three times.
*Each time imagine that the tension color is being released, becoming
progressively lighter and less intense.
*Take one last inhale breath of pure while light and exhale pure white

Reference: Linda Chapman. MA, ATR-BC, Personal communication,
November 18, 2006.

Mandela drawings (5 minutes or more)

Simply draw a picture in a circular space, with any art materials.
Drawing mandala pictures can be a great way to relax, for adults and
children. A simple paper plate or cup can be used to trace a circle
on any size or color paper.
*Try color pencils or oil pastels on black paper
*Use images inspired by spiritual traditions
*Try drawing a spiral to symbolize one's transformative

Some people make Mandela journals, keeping a circular stencil in a
journal and drawing one or more each day. A friend of mine used
hers as a prayer journal. A portable blank book can turn a spare 10
minutes into a chance for creative renewal anytime.


Malchiodi, C.A. (2002) The soul's palette: Drawing on art's
transformative power for health and well-being. Boston: Shambhala.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Secret Number Nine

Carol wrote:

Create Time

Several years ago, I made a commitment to myself to make time each morning to journal at least three pages. It is now a morning ritual for me, as I awake, I take pen in hand and write in my journal. There are days when one page comes with difficulty and six just seem to appear on the paper. Creating this time for myself helps me to let go of the stuff that accumulates in my head.

How do you create time for yourself?

Lani responded:

I created this secret "Create Time" based on two ideas. One idea is that we never have enough time. You know the mantra, "oh, I'm so busy, I can't even think..." or "if only I had the time." The pace of life seems to be getting quite overwhelming, and it's much easier to be too busy than it is actually to create time for yourself. The second idea or discovery was that time seems to expand when you are in the artistic moment, when you are in "flow." It can be 20 minutes or an hour and 20 minutes, if you are in that artistic "flow" experience it feels as though you are literally creating time. At the end of the experience you can have a real feeling of having been to a magic, life-giving well, completely restored, and refreshed.

“But I don’t have time to draw...”
Draw lunch as you eat it : 1 drawing
Draw the news as you watch it: 4 drawings
Skip 1 sitcom: 3 drawings
Skip 1 basketball game: 11 drawings
Overtime: 2 drawings
Draw in the locker room at the gym: 2 drawings
Draw the coffeemaker while you wait for the coffee to perk: 1 drawing
Draw in line at the supermarket: 1 drawing
Stay up an extra 10 minutes: 1 drawing
Get up 10 minutes early: 1 drawing
Draw during commercials: 6 drawings per hour
Draw every time you smoke a cigarette: 1 drawing
Draw till the waiter brings dessert: 1 drawing
Draw in the tub: 1-2 (waterproof) drawings
Draw on the phone: 2 drawings
Draw during a pedicure: 2 drawings
Draw in the doctor’s/ dentist’s/ therapist’s waiting room: 1 drawing
Draw at the red light: 1 drawing
Get to work early, stay in the car: 1 drawing
Take the bus: 2 drawings
Draw while waiting for spouse to get ready: 2 drawings
Draw what you’re cooking while it cooks: 1 drawing
Draw on the john: 1 drawing

From a free downloadable PDF found on Danny Gregory's blog.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for December 5, 2007

Mountain Moments

First snowfall
powerdery fluff
laid on red roof
cracks of trees
gone by nine
a flake here
and there
on the cold air
silver gray skies
opened to let
of flakes fall
like soft white rain
milk will
disappear from
the grocery shelves
bread will fill carts
then, a quiet will descend
on this small town
as the snow layers
again on the red roofs

Something fun I made for my charms & amulets

Lani's charm basket.
What do you think? I wrapped mop yarn with scrap cloth, used a glue-stick glue every few inches, just to keep the wrapping in place and then sewed it as I went. Almost like a clay coil-pot, only sewing instead of slip and scoring. When it was as big as I wanted it to be I finished it off and sewed some of my favorite 14 Secret charms on to it.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for November 30, 2007

Mountain Moments

As I gathered the string
of the woven shades
the shadow of two birds
shown through
the soft brown weaving
Flown away as I pulled
rainbows appeared
dancing on the wall
sun pulsating through
the glass prisms
a male cardinal
sat in the bare limbed
redbud tree
startling red against
the browns and greys
a glint of yellow shown
through the window
the forsythia has
while the birdbath
has a layer of ice
the mountains rise
majestically against
the soft blue sky

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Secret # Eight

Carol's email:

Make ART every day.

What a difference this makes in your life.
Art is a very powerful force. It is the fire that
burns within your soul. Let the flames ignite and

What are some ways you create each day?

Lani answered:

How I came to create this secret is pretty simple. As an art therapist in NYC, I was way too busy to make art every day. AND I thought art had to be perfect or something. I know, I know, there I was telling everyone else, just try, you'll love the process and you may even start to love the product and you'll even start to love the art creator a little better, but I wasn't listening to my own rap. So after uprooting myself from that life and finding more time for ART, thank goodness, I said to myself, hey, all that stuff I was saying in NYC was really true. Make art every day!

Now, as per Julia Cameron, I journal every morning, a few words and a little art. So if I'm not doing a swap or something fun, at least I've done my art journaling in the morning.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for November 26, 2007

Mountain Moments

The house is quiet
A large cardboard
box made into a train
sits on the back porch
Red crayon colored wheel
attached with duct tape
to drive the imagination
of a five year old
windows designed
and cut out to specifications
cardboard tickets made
Left overs line the shelves
of the refrigerator
pumpkin cheesecake
with sour cream frosting
on a graham cracker crust
sits while mashed potatoes
disappeared Thursday night
Monday morning dawns
with silver mists of fog
leaving behind memories
of a loving Thanksgiving
Advent begins this week
a quiet time of reflection

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for November 24, 2007

Mountain Moments

Coming down the steps
the moonglow caught my eye
the ground was frozen solid
shimmering as if a layer
of snow lay on top of it
heavy frost lay on the
cold, cold, ground.
Granny's Art House
was filled with creative
enthusiasm today
as a four year old
learned the magic
of cutting with scissors
another four year old
used finger paint
and colored
so intently
she was unaware
we were making
holiday ornaments
out of clay dough
Adults made corn shuck dolls
A five and seven year old
printed using potatoes we
cut into various shapes
Four children, five adults
playing, creating and having fun.

I received this from a friend and thought I'd pass it along. She also asked to please share the information with others.
When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington,D.C. 20307-5001

14 Secrets Autumn Inchies

14 Secrets Autumn Inchies created by Heather, Holly, Jill, Andrea, Mary, Diana, Marilee, Carol, Lore, Cyn, Gena and Deb (in no particular order). Slide show by Deb.

Just lovely!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for November 19, 2007

Mountain Moments

The clouds
were curling
like smoke
among the curves
of the mountains
smokey mountains
we called them
as children
when we came
up from the flatlands
There is a Native American
Story of the god of the sky
leaving his home
for a little peace and quiet
bringing out his pipe
to smoke
letting the smoke
curl over the mountains
It nestles in
the valleys
hoovers over the
rolling hills
Magical mountain moments

Saturday, November 17, 2007

14 Secrets helps decorate a Christmas Tree

Carol Moore was asked to decorate a Christmas tree for the local museum so she did with the help of Cynk, Lore, and Jan Bartlett. Ray Moore took pictures. Beautiful work!

Carol Moore's Altered Fairy Book came home

Photos by Carol Moore

Secret Fairy Jars

SuziBlutube's Fairy Jar instructions

Secret Fairy Stuff going on at 14 Secrets!

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for November 17, 2007

Mountain Moments

Frozen tundra
sunlight catching
heavy frost
laying on the
cold, cold ground
silver, glittery
rainbows darting
around the room
from warm sun
beaming through
the window panes

They have gathered
together outside
for the annual fall clean up
A large machine
ready to clean
out the gutters
of decades of debris
Fallen leaves are
captured by rakes
Reminds me of the
Margaret Mead quote
" Never doubt that a small, group
of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world.
it is the only
thing that ever has."

Small thoughtful steps leading to change...
from bundling up to protest the war in Vermont
to being assigned to duty in Iraq from Mississippi
making fairy jars for someone in California
sending pom poms to Paris
writing a poem
celebrating this moment

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Secret # Seven

Secret # Seven
Find something to love about where you are every day.

Carol said:

This secret really reflects my love for the mountains.
The moments spent looking out and being in the mountains.
I have felt that I am living in a National Geographic Special each and
every day.

What are somethings that you love about where you are?

Lani said:
I created this secret because I remember wasting a lot of time in life not feeling comfortable where I was. I thought about jobs I've had where I got myself into a real misery cycle and I started thinking "what would have happened if I had looked for things to love right where I was?"! I'll bet it would have broken that cycle very quickly, faster than finding a new job! (new house, new town, new state, new country, new husband, etc.)

Patti said:
Here is my view from the third floor renovated attic studio, where I contemplate all creative dreams. I don't have to work hard to find something to love about where I am....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for November 10, 2007

Mountain Moments

Driving up Country Boy Hill
the sunlight came pouring
through the leaves
the trees banked
into the curve
of the mountain road
an iridescence
of red, yellow, and orange
a glowing burst of colors

Just turning your head
for a moment
to see the sunlight
A moment in the mountains can make a difference of a lifetime.

Art Classes for the Week of November 12

Monday November 12
ABC Come Play With Me 4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Preschool art and storytelling
Class limited to four children
Cost for class including materials $10

Tuesday November 13
Come Play!
Make a collage, a card, or just enjoy creating.
Cost is $5.00 per person including materials
Each Tuesday from 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Art Necklace
Cost is $10 per person including supplies.
Bring some pictures of your family you have copied
To the size of 1 x 3 inches, 2x2 inches, or 1 ½ x 1 ½
To be placed inside the necklaces
Or make ornaments out of them
Class limited to nine persons. 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, November 8
Rubber Stamping
Come by to play with rubber stamps and embossing powders.
Make a collage.
Cost is $5.00 including materials 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Holiday Pop up Cards
Remember the joy of pop up books..
opening the book and wow..
a character was right there popping up on the page
Nathan Turner will teach you how to make holiday pop up cards.
Cost is $7.00 including materials. 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 24
FAMILY Holiday Arts and Crafts
Corn shuck dolls, paper garlands, grapevine wreaths, dough ornaments,
And much more…
Beginning at 10 :00 a.m.
Don’t worry about lunch, we will order pizza.
More information coming next week….not even up on the website yet.
Please email if you are interested playing and creating on Nov. 24.

Please remember to register for classes through the website

Granny’s Art House is located at 106 Clinton Avenue East in Big Stone Gap. It is right next door to Christ Episcopal Church. Art classes are held
On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and one Saturday a month.

Private Art Classes are available upon request.

Come by to see the Holiday Tree decorated by Granny’s Art House at the Southwest Virginia Museum .
All ornaments on the tree are pieces of art created by both children and adults.
Artist trading cards hanging on the tree were made by artists from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada,
and the United States to celebrate the spirit of Granny’s Art House to create, play, and have fun.

14 Secrets Postage

This was a fun swap, or it was fun creating this postage, since the swap isn't done yet! How to: create a smallish collage in photoshop, duplicate image into a 8.5 X 11 document, take jpg file to your local copy shop and copy onto a sheep of label paper. Separate images with scalloped scissors. (click on the image for a larger version)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for November 7, 2007

Mountain Moments

All was quiet at the feeder
Sparrows perching
then swoosh
off they flew
Blue jays
Took over the feeders

This morning I watched
as a blue jay flew across the yard
Blue and white feathers
wings spread
I hear the cawing of the blue jay
Warning the birds

White clouds lay in layers
across the blue sky
Sunlight peeping through
A white pink color filters
across the mountain

Morning moments in soft colors in the moutains

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gioia's Mail Art Day!

From Gioia:
"I got amazing art mail!!!! I got my Beach tip-in (everyone did the correct size and they are AWSOME!)and my Altered Book back--wow it's great!!!; and Lani's altered book to
work in-super!. Thank you everyone!!"

Don't you just love a happy mail day?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments November 2, 2007

Mountain Moments

Waking up to a small voice
saying granny
smells of cinnamon
flowing up the stairs
a discussion about
birthdays happening
once a year

a moth found its way
into the house bouncing
from the ceiling
to the light
settling into
a dark room
only to be lured
out by the light

leaving in a few hours
to travel
into the mountains
of western North Carolina
where I counted
ten mountain ranges
on a clear day

A NOTE to Mountain Moments readers:
We will be in Asheville for a few days for a family wedding.
There may or may not be mountain moments for the next few days.
It depends upon internet access and family activities.
Wishing you all a wonderful fall weekend.
And if you haven't been to the website lately, Jettie has made
just a few changes for November.

May your day
dawn like the morning in the mountains
filled with the glory of light,

Happy Birthday to my sister

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 30, 2007

Mountain Moments

Night settles around
the mountains
like a thick
warm black velvet

Leaving traces
of frost as the day
begins to break

Silver sparkles
caught in the sunlight

Or footprints left
from fall fairy dancers

Autumn Leaves and Jack-O'-Lanterns

Here's some more autumnal fun from Lore Caldwell and Diana Smith!

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 29, 2007

Mountain Moments

Sunlight streaming
in from curtainless window
reaching my hands and face
feeling the warmth
A heavy sparkling frost
laid across the car,
plants shriveling
with a black
goupy consistency
Houseplants gathered
up to be placed
inside on racks,
pedestals, shelves,
and to sit on the floor
Cypress has a place
of honor in front of a
sunny window
Plants, like people
need sometime to

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Digital Challenge Slide Show

Here it is so far! The Halloween Digital Challenge slide show. The autumn foliage is from Carol Moore, Deborah Gilchrist did the two little trick-or-treat sisters, the ghoulish pumpkins are from Patti Edmon and Diana Smith's are the two really spooky altered images with full moons. Can you see the skeleton's dancing? Whew!

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 23, 2007

Mountain Moments

Yellow leaves falling
as the slight quiver
of breeze catches
them hanging on
the tulip poplar tree
Blue jay majestically
perched on the red roof
Gray sky hanging over
the multicolored mountains

Maple trees put on quite
a show with their hot reds
reds, yellow reds
The kind of color,
that six year old
Millie would say,
made you look,
made you look.
and then, grin.

Photo courtesy of Ray Moore.

Leaf Rubbings
Been making leaf rubbings with children at Grannys Art House and Kindergarten children at ArtSpace.
Thought I'd share the technique.
Romp in the leaves. (optional, but fun)
Find some leaves.
Place a sheet of white paper over the leaf on a flat surface.
Color over the leaf using crayons.
Or place muslin over the leaf.
Color with a crayon or layer with crayons.
Cover the muslin with wax paper.
Cover the wax paper and muslin.
Iron on high setting
Peel off wax paper, the color is set into the fabric.

Here's an idea for supporting Carol's "Grannys Art House":

Carol received a telephone call from the local museum. They have an annual Christmas tree exhibit. There was a cancellation of a person who was putting up a tree and they asked if Carol wanted to do one for Granny's Art House. They are going to loan her the six foot tall tree. So she will need to make ornaments for the tree.
Would you be able to make an ornament for the tree? Anything, especially nothing too complicated.
The museum director suggested Carol decorate it with ATCs.
She will have to have the tree up and decorated by the morning of November 10 for the reception that evening.

What do you all think? Want to send Carol a Christmas/holiday themed ATC?

Digital Challenge response!

Here's the first response to the digital Halloween challenge and what a beauty it is!
Graves by Diana Smith.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Digital Challenge

Digital collage by Lani with text from a free download quote challenge by Pattie Knox of

Here's a digital challenge for 14 Secrets members. This is based Diana's introductory slide show. I took her altered photos as a challenge and created this image. Then I thought why not create a challenge for those of us who play with digital stuff. Send me altered photos and digital art jpg's of a Halloween theme by the end of the month and I'll post them all here!

What do you say?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for the Artella poetry contest

This poem was submitted for a poetry contest at Artella. The winner will be the one with the most votes. How and where to cast your vote appears at the end of the poem.

Mountain Moments

Sleep and I are dancing around
She has just not settled over
My mind
It surges with thoughts, things, and layers of emotions
Maybe too much caffeine
Or, just a menopause morning
Up before the starlings and cowbirds
Fighting over the copper birdbath
One-week an indigo bunting
The next week cowbirds

A robin has taken to pulling worms out of the garden
He comes several times a day
Two morning doves joined him
Eating seeds cast from residue of weed pulling
Cardinals, sparrows, finches, blue jays,
An abundance of birds call our yard home
Home to the largest holly tree in town
Home to a woman getting ready to pack art swaps
Before she crawls back into bed.

This is the poem chosen by the staff at Artlella for one of the 12 finalists.

The winner will be the poem which receives the most votes from the members of the Artella community.

If you are a member of Artella consider casting your vote for this poem by logging on here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments Oct. 12, 2007

Mountain Moments

Autumn, a season of change
leaves are falling
while standing in the yard
I watched leaves spiral
as the wind caught them
blowing yellow leaves
around my still body
asters going to seed
flocks of birds travel
black shapes in formation
moving with the wind
cold winds are blowing
temperatures dropping
frost will come soon

Embracing change,
I take my coat
and leave for Limestone
a last visit to the mill.
Spending mountian moments
with a friend
is a joy of life.

A celebration: Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming
in collaboration with the United Nations.

"How to fall in love with the Earth again" happiness challenge!

Collages by Lani with Gioia's photos and some of Lani's in Wales.

Try this:
Find an area of earth that is without noticeable human intervention. This could be in a forest, in a corner of a park or urban garden. Create a gift for the earth, something beautiful, made by you with what ever you find at hand. Stones, sticks, grasses, moss... Make art or a fairy dwelling or a shrine or altar. This exercise works really well if you are a child, a child-at-heart, or you are accompanied by a child! Have fun.

For more blogs featuring environmental posts please see jaihn's blog which is FULL of inspiration today and Blog Action Day!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How do you embellish your life?

Over at 14 Secrets Carol has been posting a secret a week to think about.
This week was week two, secret #2.
(To find all of Lani's 14 secrets, go to the files.
Click on the group guide.
It is in the helpful info files.)

Secret #2
Reflecting upon:
Make Everything Special.
Embellish Your Life.

Lani said:
Secret #2 Make everything special, Embellish your life.
Sometimes just noticing your life as it unfolds is really nice, but for fun I use candle light at dinner and I have Christmas tree lights around the dining room window and around the living room as well.

Patti said:
on the way up the studio steps every morning I plug in a strand of butterfly lights that trail across the ledge in front of the attic window... around the picture frames and small art; guess I was thinking about sticking beads on my forehead... too literal:)

I've printed out the 14 secrets, now that I've found them! Love, love, love your work and the effort you put into this group; it's my saving grace many days!

(Thank you Patti, it's absolutely my pleasure! - L)

Carol said:
I pondered your question, upon reflection, I make my life special by
taking time to make art.

I learned from a recent art class with Katy Kendrick to continue
adding layers even when you think you have enough..embellish away.
Putting just a little bit of gold at the right place.

Writing poetry is a reflection of the life I live in the mountains.
Each day, I find is very special.

I have six large sliver glittery stars in my studio and a wand made by
a friend sitting on my drawing table. Never know when you need just a
bit of magic.

How do the rest of you 14 secrets creative folks embellish your life?

HPNere said:
I have taken to wearing a very sparkly tiara to work when my life most
needs embellishment during the 9 to 5 hours. One day my friend ran out
to her car and came back and produced a pair of glass slippers to go
with it! It was a fairy tale afternoon- and just in time,with the way
things have been going in that office. But I think I might start
wearing some of my vintage 50's and 60's aprons to the office. Maybe
with my tiara...who knows?

Gioia said:
I think having babies embellished my life..of cource now they are
children they still embellish it, make it special--I have new worth
as I am tabitha & Annabel's mommy! above and beyond anything else I
very wanted to be, or actually been.....also teaching grad students,
and meeting with special friends, I feel bleassed to have these
people to be alive together.

But I also have sparkling lights I plug in and table fountain I plug
in to "embellish" a plain jane art studio with no widows at my new

also I'm fond of embellishing a bath with bubbles

those are my thoughts for now...

Lore said:
How do I embellish my life?
With art everyday!
With laughter.
Looking for good things in each day.
And 14 secrets.
To name a few..

Marilyn said:
An interesting question....I think keeping simplicity in life is an embellishment. Most of my creative efforts are on my screened porch overlooking the crystal blue of the pool. My lavender plant sends a wonderful fragrance when the breeze blows. My dogs and cat embellish my life now that I have the empty nest. Of course, my beautiful two year old granddaughter is the crowning jewel!! A really fun thing I did a few months ago was to invite my daughter's mother-in-law over for a spend the night "party." We stayed up until 1 talking about the kids...Had a super light dinner...Then we arose early to go to the "bohemian" market to get fresh vegetables and flowers! What a treat!!! Let's embellish some more!!

Barbara (Button Barbie) said:
Couldn't help but respond to how one embelishes their life. I notice everything about the day, whether or not it is bright and sunny or rainy or otherwise. The tone of the sky, the birds, little critters, designs of nature, objects on the ground such as found bird feathers, etc. All is a miracle. Also, viewing the art work of my students is a pleasure. I am very happy to belong to this group.
PS - Oh, and how could I have forgotten this! I hang the watercolor paintings of my godchild, Jasmine, who is 4 years old, on the glass of the french doors in my kitchen and porch! That is the best embellishment ever.

Jan said:
Oh, I so like the tiara, and sparkling shoes!

I am a little more tactile. Embellishment for me is a
bubble bath with candles, new perfume or splash, a
hair cut and curl, subtle nail polish, a new or
altered outfit, and without hesitation my wonderful
shared charm necklaces, bracelets, and other bangles.I
think there is a little Gypsy in me...I so enjoy the
jingle, jangle of jewels.

My environment is enriched with bits and pieces of art
I have received, made, and acquired in my junk hunts!
Lore's dried leaves, Carol's recent poem, Deb's shared
art beads, tiny, tiny vintage keys, thimbles, old
Victrola needles! Included with altered cabinet
pictures, fabric postcards, and family and friends

The butterfly lights sound wonderful too!

I have my wonderful space in a special corner in our

Lore added:
I have to add to my embellishments..
The fireworks of the mountains on my way to work! They are just a glow! I wish you could all see them.

Deb said:
I'm so enjoying reading about everyone's special embellishments.

Jan, I'm a lot like you - a little of the Gypsy in me - and love to have bits of found and received treasures all around. My embellishments are of a rather eclectic nature. I love vintage glass and old books. Old family portraits. Children's books, as well. I love the neat things others make and share with me. And sparkly stuff. I have a decorative bottle that I filled with beach sand mixed with iridescent glitter. It's my 'magic vacation in a bottle' whenever I need a little escape.

My desk is filled with a variety of crystals (some in old porcelain dishes) that I move around to catch the sunlight. I keep a beautiful amethyst on my art table. I love rocks and crystals and stones of all kinds and like to have them nearby to pick up and play with. I love candlelight, especially in the bath!

I still have some of my kids' old artwork around (and the youngest is 20). I miss the days of hanging their masterpieces in the windows! Although I do have many (many) of my oldest's recent photographs and pottery pieces all over the house.

And music. Always music.

The tiara at the office is great!

Carol added:
Nell, I am curious. Where do you work so that you have the enjoyment of
wearing a tiara?

And I, too love rainbows. There are so many prisms around the house and
stained glass windows in our house. My children and now grandchild
stands in the rainbow light amazed at the colors on her.

Just reading about embellishment, brightens my day.

This is fun!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for October 7, 2007

Mountain Moments

Ninety degrees
on October sixth
Mountains beginning
to resemble a patch work quilt
Orange, red, yellow, brown, tan
all mixed with evergreen
olive green, forest green
Butterflies hovering over
the asters
Purple flowers scattered
like weeds all over the yard

Maggie and I rocked
on the front porch swing
Her eyes closing from the heat
and playing with her friend Millie
The sounds of the birds in
the holly tree sang her to sleep

Quiet, mountain moments
holding close the ones you love.

And if you live near Carol here's her schedule for Granny's Week of October 7:

Monday October 8
Basket Making 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. $10

ABC Come Play With Me 4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. $10

Tuesday October 9
Come Create During Lunch 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. $5

Thursday October 11
Halloween Artist Trading Cards 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. $5

Artist trading cards are small pieces of art, the exact size of a playing card.

They are made to be traded with other artists.

Copper Embossing Couples Class with Dinner 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. $35 per couple

(A couple is two persons, two friends, two relatives, two people willing to share materials and tools)

Materials are included in the cost of the class.

For more information, log onto: http://

Monday, October 1, 2007

Reflections, an idea from Carol Moore


Every so often, I reflect upon the Lani's 14 secrets for a Happy
Life. These can be found on the website here in the files section under "finding your way around." I wondered if anyone else would be interested in using this as weekly reflection and also including them in your art. This is not a swap or trade.

Week One
Secret #1 Find three good things every day use them in your art.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for September 26, 2007

Mountain Moments

In the stillness of the early morning
I watched the sun cast a pink hue
over the mountains
Changing from a golden yellow
to the heat lighting the earth
warmth, bringing out birds

house wren making her way
up and down the bark of the redbud
reminding me of the red plastic
woodpecker that would dip into a glass of water
my grandfather would bring out to show
when I was a little girl

He would tell us fairy stories
We would bring catalpa leaves
so he could make us fairy costumes
We would dance and pretend
I gathered stones and moss to make fairy houses
My sister would make mud pies
Setting them on wooden platforms to sell them
She is now a real estate agent
I create fairy stories
believing the second star to the right holds magic

The magic in the mountains
of sunlight, bird songs, smiles
purple asters, butterflies,
and friends like you to send mountain moments.


Patti's inchies and Deb's links!
Have fun!

For ideas and inspiration. check out these links: inchies.html

There are links to more inchies on this blog: inchies.html

Here are some made of fabric: inchies/

Here's Deb's Blog

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments Sept. 25, 2007

(It just takes a few moments, a blink of an eye)

Mountain Moments

The sun shone through the redbud leaves
A golden glow cast on soft green
So quiet, no wind stirring
A dove with wings enfolded landed
on the branch of the golden raintree
A bluejay arrived
taking sunflower seeds from the feeder
Flying to a branch making noises
Then, they came
A tufted titmouse, a beautiful small bird
sparrows, cowbirds, and cardinals
Cowbirds are speckeled grey brown birds
known for laying their eggs in other birds nest
Four cowbirds in the birdbath
Dunking their bodies head first into the water
swishing and turning their bodies
Water flying everywhere
Four birds taking turns in the birdbath
A fifth came had to wait on the redbud branch
Sparrows feeding everywhere including the ground
As quickly as they came, they flew away
In the blink of an eye

It is amazing to me that by taking moments
to sit and watch the leaves on the tree
to be still
happiness comes
as softly as the wind blowing a leaf
Mountain moments

Friday, September 21, 2007

Do you realize?

From KarmaTube:
Take time today to realize exactly what you have, exactly right now.

Carol Moore's Beach Moments for September 21, 2007

Beach Moments

The surf pounds the shore
Hitting against the stones
Shells turned into bits and pieces
Becoming sand
Walking the beach
I amble along
avoiding stones
looking for shells
sea glass, small stones
Stopping to wade in the surf
Marveling at the ocean
Feet squeeshy in the sand
Wave after wave coming into shore
Sun beating on my face
Sea gulls gathering
along the sand
Three black birds along the edge
Morning meeting
Then fly off
Pelicans stay away from these events

Each day the beach has been different
From dragonflies, black flies, gnats, and butterflies
Life like the beach flowing like the surf

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fabric Postcards from Deb Gilchrist

Deb sent in these beauties!

Carol's postcard.

Huyen's postcard.

Jan's postcard.

Deb's Sun.

Deb's Leaf

Deb's mermaid.
Thanks Deb, Carol, Huyen, and Jan!!